5 Things I Want To See In A Third Arkham Game

"While developer Rocksteady and WB Games haven’t formally announced the existence of any such title, I thought I’d list the top five things I’d want to see included in a hypothetical third Arkham game."

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NastyLeftHook02118d ago

did not like arkham city, loved arkham asylum, make one like aa please.

Tdmd2118d ago

Just out of curiosity: what didn't you like about Arkham City?

NastyLeftHook02118d ago

the feel of the game, i dunno maybe its just me lol.

aDDicteD2117d ago

arkham city is 3x as good as asylum,, maybe you haven't finished it yet

Cajun Chicken2118d ago

Terry McGinnis. Elderly Bruce Wayne. Future Gotham City, Jokerz gang, Royal Flush gang.

RXL2118d ago

obviously the most ideal

1. GOTHAM city (open world gameplay)
2. Control the Batmobile and other bat vehicles (racing through the streets of Gotham city)
3. Strong supporting cast of villains.
4. ALFRED!...let us interact with him in some sort of capacity..
5. Cherries..just because i love cherries.

JTX2118d ago

Batmobile is a must

MasterD9192118d ago

Wayne Manor and the Batcave would be cool...with the Batmobile rising up out of the ground on a platform. Driving it wouldn't hurt either.

Gotham City is the most logical choice and therefore it would have to be like Arkham but bigger, more expansive and be filled with citizens, rather than prison gangs.

Red Hood and Prometheus were mentioned in AC too but not seen...Man-Bat would also be interesting as a villain or ominous figure in Gotham. Either way, can't wait.

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