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What Went Wrong with Kinect?

EuroGamer - It's almost three years now since Digital Foundry first went "hands-off" with Microsoft's seemingly magical depth camera technology, and out of all the things creative director Kudo Tsunoda said at that initial presentation, this one quote is perhaps the most interesting in pinpointing exactly what went wrong with Kinect. Seemingly devised as a device to break down barriers to gaming while at the same time improving the quality of the core game experience, it's safe to say that the fastest-selling consumer electronics launch of all time only achieved some of its goals. (Kinect, Xbox 360)

-Mezzo-  +   1053d ago
Software,......... Software went wrong with Kinect.
ALLWRONG  +   1053d ago
Kinect has only failed the core 360 audience. It's successful, but better for non gaming applications. The real money is post 360 and industrial. The games failed not the software.
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-Mezzo-  +   1053d ago
Games are Software as well, When i said 'Software' i was actually talking about Games. Guess i should have made it more clear.
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ALLWRONG  +   1053d ago
I use mine for anti collision testing. Would love to point at crap in my house and turn it on :P
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dboyc310  +   1053d ago
Saying what went wrong with kinect is like saying what went wrong with the wii. From a core perspective software went wrong but both were successful by selling a lot.
CommonSense  +   1053d ago
needed another year of R&D.

though...i still wouldn't have bought it.
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edonus  +   1053d ago
Kinect is a fine device. When i look at the evidence around the industry what it actually points to is a collective effort to kill motion controlled games. It started with the Wii when they bashed and dismissed 90% of the games that were made for it so it never could get a foot hold in with the "Core" gamers.
If you look at MOVE you will see an interesting situation. They dont really bash MOVE but they dont over love it either. MOVE is no where the success of the Wii and Kinect so it kinda slips under the radar and with sony giving it sketchy support it doesnt seem to be something that will change. They say MOVE is great as an add on to the already popular games then Sorcery comes out gets some of the best scores a motion based game not from an established franchise can get yet no real push or love given to it. It sales are currently abysmal.
Bringing us to Kinect. Kinect is a successful device and has serious support from MS. This means they have to go full retard to kill it. I have played all these games they say are terrible Kinect Star Wars is a fantastic showing for kinect. Its accurate fast lots of variety yet everyone focused on the Dance mode which was pulled straight from the hit game Dance Central yet its game breaking in a Star Wars game. Not a single review represented more than 20% of the things in the game and never learned to use all the things available to you. Steel battalion is a great game, I have it and have spoken with other players that have it yet and we have no issues with the controls yet not a single magazine or site has one person in their entire staff that can play the game correctly. I recently saw the xplay review and not only was the guy completely messing up moves they slapped a big table in front of him when the game clearly shows it needs to see your full body to work right. Then they gave adjusted their rating system to give it the lowest score they could ever give. Why such overkill, Star wars kinect gotta simple "this sucks" in a room full of critics. I say its because there are more people talking about this game through word of mouth and when you see it played properly it looks awesome. But kinect is here to stay MS is keeping it alive with the voice and media features until they can create a sub market that are Core motion control gamers.
The only thing wrong is the gaming media.

OH ghost disagrees.... What a surprise.
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Moby-Royale  +   1053d ago
"I like Kinect".

BitbyDeath  +   1053d ago
People are disagreeing cause the LAG is horrible in Kinect and you make it out to be as good/smooth as the Wii or Move and wonder why it gets bagged out more in reviews.

LAG is the reason why devs are putting in voice controls over movement within games.

Nextgen Kinect will put this one to shame, bigtime.
I for one cannot wait to see how it evolves.
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edonus  +   1052d ago
See this is some of what I am talking about when I say the mis information and slander. Anyone that thinks kinect has horrible lag definitely doesnt have one or havent played any of the newer games for it.

Yet you will always get someone talking about this magical lag that doesnt exist. I can be honest and say at launch there were games that had animation lag but that was because the devs were just learning. Right now Kinect can keep up with and even surpass any other motion gaming option.

You will never see them do a speed and accuracy comparison with kinect against the others because it will smoke them and the real impressive thing is that knect is tracking your entire body.

What i have learned though is that kinect takes up lots of processing power to make it work like it does now. The next XBOX will be designed with power to spare but kinect right now works fine.
BitbyDeath  +   1052d ago
Granted i haven't played them all but Kinect Sports Season 2 is still laggy. I thought that would have been fixed.
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edonus  +   1052d ago
What would you call laggy in KSports2. I went an hoped on it one time real quick just to make sure i forgot something. There was no parts in that game you can qualify as laggy. Baseball even has a bobble and catch... you cant be laggy with something like that darts no lag. The funny thing is since The the controls have gotten even tighter. Its so funny to me when i hear peole bash this kinect and talk about kinect or more advance controls in games when the biggest problem is they cant even master the simple stuff we have now. Thats why Steel Battalion is so hard for them Steel Battalion is trying to kill you so if you cant stop it from killing you you die and they hate that because they have no idea what they are doing.
mcstorm  +   1053d ago
Well put and I agree about Steel battalion. I am loving the game and it is the 1st game this year to take me away from Forza 4 since getting it.

The problem I see with Kinect is the core fan boys who are not really interested in using it but seem to have a go of it to prove to them selfs it dose not work.

I have never had a problem with Kinect in my room and yes I would love to see more Core games on Kinect as there is really only child of eden, Rise of nightmares, Kinect StartWars and Steel battalion that have been made for Kinect and IMO all work well when you play them the way the instructions you play and the biggest thing you need to remember about core Kinect games is you cant wave your arms about as it is tracking them and if you do then things go wrong with the game.

I have been on this site for a few years now and a lot of people on here hate Kinect and that's fine but I am getting bored of people saying Kinect is broken because it is far from broken.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1053d ago
says the guy that thinks EVERY GAMER is playing it wrong but himself.let's simplify your comment....

microsoft went CHEAP as they always have and didn't take the risk.

they skimped out on great hardware to beat sony early to launch.no wifi,no hdmi,no hard drive standard,no large disc medium.they then skimped out on kinect by pulling the dedicated processor to make it truly great.

they did do as they always do which is throw a lot of money behind something to make you believe you are getting more for your money when you really don't.

instead of making the games that lead the charge on core gamer games,they just threw money at third parties to keep them from making move games.

no risk.microsoft will only stand behind profits.not making sure you release a good product.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1052d ago
I love how someone can write you never quit and accuse others of being persistent, when he himself posts here on N4G an average of 4 times per hour, every hour, and every day. On top of that being very persistent in Kinect topics that he himself has no interest in.

What kind of person continues to subject themselves in these sorts of actions, daily? You really have to wonder.

Kinect has its purpose but it's purpose was never to eliminate the need for a controller. Yes certain games can be applied with just using Kinect but it's not to be in every game and nor was it ever marketed as such.
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edonus  +   1052d ago
I can only state what I see. I have played kinect games and seen people play kinect games and worked them perfectly. But every major review site I have seen them play or describe the games its like night and day from what I have played.

As an example in Steel battalion the Xplay review, he put the controller down to do a kinect action, the game is designed for you to not have to ever let go of the controller. So what happens is he puts it down to his side does a motion kinect recognizes it then he goes and picks the controller up kinect is now trying to decipher the new move he is trying to do so it does the closes thing to what his movements are and now he grabbed a panel then he tries to let go but the tracking is already locked on to him in a different way so he needs to reset his position and since he doesnt know how because he has been playing it wrong anyway he is now grabbing and interacting with thing he doesnt want. But some how this is kinects fault.

All the stuff you say about cheap parts and marketing money doesnt matter and some of it is false. The thing here is that kinect works like it was mean to yet it gets unjustly bashed and most of the time with straight lies.
Hicken  +   1052d ago
LOL. You never quit. Your persistence is actually pretty amazing.
Qrphe  +   1053d ago
The technology isn't good enough either, but a any start is a good start. Kinect 2 better be close to Leap Motion or screw it, I won't consider it.
asmith2306  +   1053d ago
The problem with Kinect is that it's extremely limited. You can't move around a 3D world in any feasible way with a device like Kinect. Because of that it's best games will more than likely be stuck on rails or be something along the lines of dancing games which work great; that's not enough though. In this day and age that's never gonna please a core gamer. Other than that it can provide 'traditional' controller based games with a few additions such as voice commands but that even wears thin after a while. For core games, you are never going to beat a controller.
LightofDarkness  +   1053d ago
People simply jumped the gun. People assumed myriad great applications for it in gaming without thinking about it pragmatically. Hence we have still yet to see this technology achieve decent FPS controls, despite many developers and pundits stating to the contrary on the lead-up to release, amongst numerous other complaints. And it probably never will.

Basically, the idea was half-baked, and was a pretty clever cash-in on MS's part. People were so wrapped up in imagining the possibilities of "controller-less" gameplay and supposedly superior motion controls that they didn't stop to think of how that might actually work for anything other than dancing and "sports" mini-games.
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a_adji  +   1053d ago
The Kinnect clearly was right to be rejected by both Nintendo and Sony.

It's just not the one but kids love it I suppose.
ALLWRONG  +   1052d ago
So you're saying Nintendo and Sony reject success and money?
asmith2306  +   1052d ago
For starters they wouldn't have had the cash to pump into marketing it in the first place. If it wasn't for that half a billion push by Microsoft I would say Kinect would be in a similar position to the Move sales wise. So on that assumption is safe to say that they don't "reject success and money" but that they steer clear of very risky product ideas when they don't have the financial clout to back it up in the first place. Keep in mind that PlayStation had the EyeToy and dipped into the 'hands free' experience before. They learned from that and that's why they added the Move controller to the experience.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1052d ago
not sure what you mean.nintendo rejected it and made tons of profit and are leading in overall console sales without kinect.

if fooling the public is a success,then microsoft definitely wins.
InTheLab  +   1052d ago
Interesting thread. Never heard of the phrase "core fanboys" till now. Hilarious.

Also, core titles for Kinect do seem to take a beating, but somehow, gaming media still loves Kinect. I remember reading about how some critics hadn't turned their Kinect on in 6 months but they still recommend it to friends and family.

So MS succeeded in convincing Kinect owners to simply wait for the innovation (that will never come) and they do. They wait for Dance Central 4,5,6, and maybe Fruit Ninja, and you RARELY see a serious article like this that points out that there is a problem with Kinect.

That's a success in my book. MS polished a turd and many bought that turd. MS told you you'll love it and many did. There's even "hardcore gamers" in this thread that are trying to convince us that Steel Battalion is a good game...lol.

I'm totally convinced that Kinect is a tiny Reaper with it's indoctrination abilities....
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stuna1  +   1052d ago
I think a killer game for kinects would be the ios game "Temple Run".
_Aarix_  +   1052d ago
Or avatar (the last airbender)
Yumi-Yumi4urTummy  +   1052d ago
Well, I have mine since it started, have no problems at all. Many players with too high expectations. Nothing is perfect, not even your article.
KMCROC54  +   1052d ago
Delvelopers have no balls & Kudo Tsunoda taking his Fing time getting it to work correctly.
StreetsofRage  +   1052d ago
Kinect is a wildly successful device. I seen kids go crazy for that Kinectimals and all those other kid's games. What's wrong with having games catered for kids? Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean the kids wont.

I own it and the Dance games are great fun!!!

My thing is that Kinect's graphics are usually a huge step backwards. I'm betting Kinect 2.0 will correct this.

In saying that, I don't want my favorite games using Kinect in any way. Fable Journey's looks like ass. First Fable I won't be buying.
cstyle  +   1052d ago
The only thing wrong with kinect is that sony couldn't accomplish it.I had to laugh at the title of the articele though. I could say the same thing about move. Hardly no games have been developed outside of the launch games which weren't that great. Some of kinect games may not be great but at least the device is getting support with games as well as integration with with xbox live. And before all you fanboys start talking about games you can use with move...i'm not talking about move supported games . I'm talking about games designed for the device. People didn't buy the device to play games they can already play with the DS3. At least kinect has titles that have sold over millions of copies. Move doesn't have one.
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smashcrashbash  +   1052d ago
Microsoft spent more time telling you it was good and spending money to tell you was good instead of actually making it good. Simple as that.

@ cstyle. Kinect has lots of games that didn't sell well and/or bombed. Only it's defenders try to pretend it isn't that bad.Recently the game that was supposed to 'bring the hardcore' Steel Battalion. Why? Because anything outside dance games and simplistic mini games don't work. BTW We core never said that Kinect was for us. It was Microsoft who lied and said that it would be for us too and the games would be more then just gimmicks. We were promised core games that would work well and work just as good as a controller. Don't attack us because we were lied to.
cstyle  +   1051d ago
"Recently the game that was supposed to 'bring the hardcore' Steel Battalion"

Same thing was said about Sorcery and look what happened. At least Kinect has successful titles and is still used by 360 gamers regardless of how that game turned out. Move is basically dead because its getting no support from 1st or 3rd party devs. Kinect is still getting used in titles like Madden, Fifa and the upcoming Ryse. Kinect future is still bright while move is just fading away and never really took off. Besides, the next version of kinect will definitely solve all those minor issues that this one has. What has sony got? Nothing, because they probably will just try and copy what mS did with kinect. Thats really all they can do at this point.
Shadonic  +   1043d ago
The CTO for the studio producing epic mickey 2 answered. this question accurately.

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