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This is Why Girls Suck At Gaming

Girls generally suck at games compared to guys as a whole. It’s a bizarre phenomena that has mystified men throughout history. Here is why…

Low Interest and Superiority Complex (Casual games, Culture, Industry)

ZoidsRaven  +   809d ago
So much sexist tension in gaming, so little time. 7_7
afterMoth  +   809d ago
I'm not giving any hits to that bigoted website.
Kran  +   809d ago
I will. Just so I can have a laugh at the idiots who wrote it. :P
egidem  +   809d ago
I wonder how this got approved without being flagged?
Zabby91  +   809d ago
I'm not even going to read this shit.
onyoursistersback  +   809d ago
im not even gana read your 5hit, talking about his 5hit.
Reverent  +   809d ago
If you knew he was talking about whoever's sh*t, wouldn't that mean you read his comment? Even though you said you wouldn't...
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The_Comedian   809d ago | Spam
ATi_Elite  +   808d ago
Guys sucks at gaming too!!!

The only thing about a few "Not ALL" girl gamers are the ones that have live streams of them playing a game but instead of really gaming they spend most of the time stuck in an area or options screen and not playing the game.

That crap annoys me!

saw some really good Girl Gamers playing Day Z the other day! Very impressive.
Rampaged Death  +   809d ago
Sexist much ? I have met many girls that can hold their own. Who approved this crap ?
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SpiralTear  +   809d ago
I'm not going anywhere near that link.
Irishguy95  +   809d ago
So many sexist articles today
Darth Gamer  +   809d ago
It's a proven fact that women have faster reaction times then men do, so i hope this article didn't just piss a lot of those video game playing ones off or they might just start trying.

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zeroalpha  +   807d ago
Where are you getting "fact" that women have faster reaction times than men? It's the opposite. It's a given fact that MEN have faster reaction times than women. Men are the hunters, women are the nurturers.

Women have been trying to win in games, they just don't have the same level of competitive drive as a man. It's biologically built in us.
Neckbear   809d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
2pacalypsenow  +   809d ago
who cares if women play games
IRetrouk  +   809d ago
Yo tell that to my fiance, she will flip, I tell her to make me dinner but she ignores me and keeps playing cod, or any other games really, I'm hungry, please help lol but seriously, she's good at most games she plays, this article is just looking hits
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310dodo  +   809d ago
finally someone who wont give in to PC sheep

its not sexist to say the NFL is male dominated
so why is it sexist to say gaming is male dominated?

much respect for not crumbling too this kumbaya generation
Hicken  +   809d ago
There's a difference between saying it's male dominated, and saying girls suck.

OF COURSE people who have little to no interest in something will not be as good as those that have more interest. And saying they have a superiority complex is pretty much just giving a reason for a lack of interest.

Yeah, I think that MOST(not all) of the complaining about "sexim" in gaming is down to women simply not understanding things from a man's perspective as it pertains to gaming. But the reasoning given in this article is pretty weak.
v3rity  +   809d ago
NFL is male dominated because girls weren't allowed into the teams due to discriminatory practices despite there being no rule against it. Evidently in the future this will change.

It's sexist if it's not true. Studies show that plenty of girls are playing hardcore and casual games, just as men play hardcore and casual games. Show me a study that says gaming is composed primarily of men or that the most successful gamers (not professional gamers but just regular gamers) happen to be men and I'll bow a hat to that one study.
310dodo  +   809d ago

respectfully if you cant see that gaming is a Male thing by only opening your eyes and ears; then there is nothing I or any study could do for you.

Men are not Gossip Girls main target

Women are not Battlefields main targets

call me crazy
SilkBD  +   809d ago
Here's one source: http://videogames.procon.or...

Here's another: 40% of video gamers are female... http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
Dlacy13g  +   809d ago
I don't agree that all women suck at games...that in itself is stupid. I know many female gamers who are very good. The headline of the article is more "attention" grabber than anything else.

However, your comment about the NFL is incorrect. The NFL has no women playing in it for simple reasons...there are 0 college football programs that have an excellent PRO level female playing on them. The NFL drafts from college and some teams will hold open tryouts but there is a "qualification" level needed in order for them to take you seriously and allow you to participate. If there is a woman out there who legitimately plays better than almost every man in a position on the College level then she would get a serious look by the NFL. The NFL drafts the best of the best...they will take a chance on someone who shows the talent.
blackhammer  +   809d ago
This article was a stupid thing to share with the public.
ApolloTheBoss  +   809d ago
Ugh, you had to go there, huh?
Primalfear  +   809d ago
This article hit the nail on the head. Spot on. Anyone that doesnt agree is either an offended girl or someone that didnt read it. Thumbs up.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   809d ago
I honestly love gaming with females. Just like in real life, they bring out the best in me, WAY better than my male gamers I tell you. A female influence helps allot, for me at least.

As far as gaming goes. Its simple, its really no different from a casual male gamer to a hardcore female gamer. Meaning some female gamers suck some female gamers are pros just like males.
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D3mons0ul  +   809d ago
I dont really care, I just came here to say that "get back to the kitchen" jokes aren't funny and they never have been.
Primalfear  +   809d ago
They have always been funny and they always will be funny.
JediMasterMartha  +   806d ago
Says the immature man.
wanderson75  +   809d ago
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How did this get approved?
Rupee  +   809d ago
Seriously. This isn't why I come to N4G. This article is as offensive as saying "This is Why (insert race here) People Suck At Gaming"
kingPoS  +   809d ago
Why should someone be made fun of for wanting to have nice things? That just ain't right!!
born2live  +   808d ago
Haaaahaahahaa! This is the most hilarious thread I've read all day!

Seriously, the fact that all the girls in videogames are super sexy killing machines can't help most girls to relate... Ah, self-counciousness, he forgot that one...

(yeah yeah, I know that not all the girls in videogame are super sexy killing machines... but the ones that we like are!)
UConcord11  +   808d ago
numonex360  +   808d ago
putting make up on, cleaning the house, baking a cake/cooking, looking after the children/baby and doing house work all take time away from playing video games.

guys are better at video games because we have more time to play them unlike our female rivals/competitors.
JediMasterMartha  +   806d ago
Judging by the stereotypes (19th century bro), and excuse for men that follows only if you're clocking men between the ages of 9-16, I'd say you're the perfect demographic for this type of trash.

Grow up kid, when your armpits begin to sweat you'll realize your errors. When you get a job, and support a family you won't have 1/4th the time.
d3nworth1  +   808d ago
I've had a girl woop my a$$ in both Tekken and Soul Calibur enough times to know better and she make some awesome cookies.
ISNeko  +   808d ago
My wife of five years plays thru every Dynasty Warriors with or without me, every Ratchet and Clank, has 300+ in Animal Crossing Wii and The Sims 3 which both have no real multiplayer and she sits on the couch by herself while she plays.

Fuck this stupid article.
TheObserver  +   808d ago
The person who taught me how to play FPS was my older sister.... so this writer don't know shit.
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sarydactl  +   808d ago
"Wow, as a fellow journalist, this is kind of surprising. The caveat equates to, "I'm not sexist, BUT..." This guy is both the reason and proof sexism is still around in gaming. If this article was written about another minority, it would be unacceptable. I was wondering how he could get away with publishing this, then I realized this is a blog site, not a journalism site, just raking up views from 'controversy.'

As for the points of the article; The majority of women I know all game. And they game well--just as well as all of the men I know. You claim that gamer girls are a minority, but they're not, and I happen to know an equal amount, out of my 50 or so gamer friends. However, there's probably a good reason they seem so rare for you! It is an absolute mystery what it is. Hanging out with friends who also share your...mindset...would also ruin your chances. Have fun hunting this elusive social creature, because they certainly won't be appearing for you. It's too bad this won't get through the moderator post filter."

Just in case it doesn't get through. I don't usually post on n4g, buuut...yep. I also find it cute that SilkBD is linking Wikipedia as a source. Nice journalism, that! According to that logic, Christianity is a minor religion, and it would be reasonable to never target them during political campaigns. Source: http://web.ovc.edu/pepperce...

Do you realize why game programmers are only 5% women? If you ever went and tried to get a real journalism job, you would know. It's not uncommon for job requests to post that they specifically want MALES to do the work. The all-male work environment gets perpetuated. It's part of something called the glass ceiling (wikipedia it).

I realize you probably made a mistake and might be regretting the article after all your negative feedback; I do not mean to be attacking you, but I would just like to state that your opinion is not a very good one to hold, and perhaps you should rethink it a little. Expand your world view. Just a thought.
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Emilio_Estevez  +   808d ago
Such a terrible article. Based off stereotypes.

If we are gonna just go with stereotypes does that mean everyone on this site is unsocial and living in their parents basement?
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