This is Why Girls Suck At Gaming

Girls generally suck at games compared to guys as a whole. It’s a bizarre phenomena that has mystified men throughout history. Here is why…

Low Interest and Superiority Complex

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ZoidsRaven2025d ago

So much sexist tension in gaming, so little time. 7_7

afterMoth2025d ago

I'm not giving any hits to that bigoted website.

Kran2025d ago

I will. Just so I can have a laugh at the idiots who wrote it. :P

egidem2025d ago

I wonder how this got approved without being flagged?

Zabby912025d ago

I'm not even going to read this shit.

LackTrue4K2025d ago

im not even gana read your 5hit, talking about his 5hit.

Reverent2025d ago

If you knew he was talking about whoever's sh*t, wouldn't that mean you read his comment? Even though you said you wouldn't...

AgreeFairy2025d ago ShowReplies(1)
2025d ago
ATi_Elite2024d ago

Guys sucks at gaming too!!!

The only thing about a few "Not ALL" girl gamers are the ones that have live streams of them playing a game but instead of really gaming they spend most of the time stuck in an area or options screen and not playing the game.

That crap annoys me!

saw some really good Girl Gamers playing Day Z the other day! Very impressive.

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Rampaged Death2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Sexist much ? I have met many girls that can hold their own. Who approved this crap ?

SpiralTear2025d ago

I'm not going anywhere near that link.

Irishguy952025d ago

So many sexist articles today

Darth Gamer2025d ago

It's a proven fact that women have faster reaction times then men do, so i hope this article didn't just piss a lot of those video game playing ones off or they might just start trying.

zeroalpha2023d ago

Where are you getting "fact" that women have faster reaction times than men? It's the opposite. It's a given fact that MEN have faster reaction times than women. Men are the hunters, women are the nurturers.

Women have been trying to win in games, they just don't have the same level of competitive drive as a man. It's biologically built in us.

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The story is too old to be commented.