Why Dark Souls is the Perfect Art Game

GameStatics - "While I can't personally speak for how many gamers believe games are art, it's generally true that when you do find a proprietor of games as an art form, they believe one of two things--that games have the potential to be art, and only a few existing games realize that potential (Usually indie games, such as the works of Thatgamecompany), or that all games are art in their own way. And usually, when this split in beliefs is exposed, a qualifying statement follows--namely, what either of these two schools of thought consider "art" to be."

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Blastoise2068d ago

About three quarters of the way through my second playthrough now. A brilliant game, not perfect but one of the best Iv played this generation. Annoys me that games like Xenoblades get praised A LOT for their art design but nobody ever talks about Dark souls. The scale of the world, the colours, the enemies design, the atmosphere, the way every place has a unique feel, the architecture, the bosses, the armour sets and the music. Its these things that give gamers an experience that none other game (besides Demons souls) can.

ThanatosDMC2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Not perfect?! I think, that's how you got your disagrees.

EmperorDalek2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

I'm getting tired of these "games are art" articles. I don't care if it's art or not, a game could be about gameplay, story, graphics, or all three. It doesn't matter. It doesn't NEED to be defined as art.

"Artistic integrity" was Casey Hudson's poor excuse for the ME3 ending... Would you rather they keep the ending for the sake of art? Or would you prefer it if they scrape the ending, and made a new one that did the series justice, with the cost of artistic integrity? I know what I would choose.

SeekDev2068d ago

Depends on a person's definition of art. I think some games are art because to myself, art is something that can change someone's view or opinion, it can teach you. Games have the potential to do that, and that represents the maturing of the gaming industry, which to me is important. If it's not important to you, what do I care? That's your opinion so stick with it. Just to clarify though, I don't need a game to be art to play it.

Hudson's excuse is poor. There's good art and bad art. According to the general opinion of the gaming community, the ending of Mass Effect 3 is an example of bad art. I've never played the game so I don't know.

pandehz2068d ago

Perfect and Art are two words that never go together

8bit_Nes_Rambo2068d ago

Best game this gen this side of MGS4.

Sino2068d ago

In the game,When you actually died! not like most game that does the "lets pretend that didn't happen and start over"
that itself made the game stands out from the rest

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