Does Black Ops Declassified for $50 warrant a zombie mode?

It appears that Black Ops: Declassified will be set in the middle of Black Ops 1 and 2, with an ‘exclusive’ Vita story mode possibly leading up to events of Black Ops 2. The important part to pick out from the text is that Declassified is set to be comprised of a series of ‘Special Ops missions’, while we also get a written confirmation that multiplayer will be included as well.

Would you be satisfied with short Spec Ops missions though? It seems to have worked very well for Unit 13 in our opinion, but obviously all eyes are on that multiplayer mode and whether it will be as good and similar to how console and PC multiplayer plays out.

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stephmhishot2100d ago

If they're only charging 10 bucks less than the console version, then yes, it should include damn near everything that is included in the console version.

Soldierone2099d ago

Especially considering Uncharted is currently the only one at that price. I think? I haven't seen any above 40, even Resistance and Metal Gear are at 40.

If you think your game requires the higher price, it better be a full fledged game. No zombies, no buy from me.

DivineAssault 2100d ago

3DS games run for $40 so $50 for vita heavy hitters isnt a big deal to me.. The games require much more development resources than 3DS games do.. I paid $50 for uncharted & id do it again if i want the game... I dont play shooters so i dont care what they charge for COD

Hisiru2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

It's funny to say it but youre actually wrong.

PSV has a cheaper development cost (even the dev kit is cheaper) and 3D development makes the 3DS system a more expensive system to develop for.

I am sure I can have more sources (indicating the 3DS and talking about Vita development, which is actually cheap) but I am a little busy right now:

DivineAssault 2100d ago

how bout spiderman on 3DS? the kits & actually developing is a different story.. Revelations may have costed alot but those other cheap a$$ 1 or 2Gb 3rd party games cant cost more to actually make.. Voice actors, programmers, etc all gotta get paid & most 3DS games from 3rd party are cheap w a $40 price tag..

ceedubya92100d ago

I would like a zombie mode in this game. It would be nice if it communicated with the PS3 version in some way as well.

doctorstrange2100d ago

We know nothing about the rest of the game. Wait until we can see that first...

jujubee882100d ago

Seeing this game take form on the VITA should be interesting. So, I will def consider buying this.

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The story is too old to be commented.