5 Things Next Gen Actually Needs

"After yesterday’s article, we can talk about things that the next generation consoles actually need. This is a list of console and company policies that the big three developers ought to follow if they want to get this generation right and compete with their unexpected phone and tablet rivals." |

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Dms20122130d ago

Needs to be here soon is what it needs.

DarrenLambert2130d ago

Next Gen is already among us. PC now is "next gen" for consoles. Basically next gen graphics wise is better anti aliasing, Dx11, PhysX etc. Features already on the PC.

Rainstorm812130d ago

...and once the next gen consoles arrive PC will be all but forgotten power wise for the next 4-5 years...and then the cycle will continue and PC will get A game that completely outshines the next gen consoles ala BF3...

RevXM2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

A lot of the features and tech is here but it not really present in current games.

I game on PC too and to say that PC is already next gen is to inflate it a bit.

What is true is that the technology is here, both software and hardware it takes to make a significant leap. But Ive seen no developer push out a game yet that mirrors my vision of a next gen game.
What is available is basically more shiny versions of current gen games. But the tech demos from both EPIC and Square enix prooves we are there technically.

Hopefully things will change soon.
Tose who deny that current gen is not severly outdated and have a lot of juice left in terms of technical progress are delusional.

OneAboveAll2130d ago

Because everyone can play on a PC can't they? I have tendinitis in the wrist. It's not an option lest I want to have surgery.

Oh_Yeah2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

it needs to cook food, have an extended leg rest, and tell you how awsome you are when u turn it on. other than that much better physics capabilities, slightly better graphics, free online (ms), and the choice to purchase digital copies of games at launch for a 10$ discount making all games 50$ once again. is my only wants

Christopher2129d ago

***Better Motion Controls***

Disagree. Motion controls have not improved gaming at all this generation. It makes the repetitive motions more annoying as you are waving your arm about for a few hours rather than just managing what your fingers are doing while holding a comfortable controller. And, yes, for many games you actually have to wave your arm about and not just your wrist (I'm looking at you Sorcery). FPSes and TPSes will probably be 'okay' with motion controls, but not optimal overall. Especially considering it now means charging two controllers for two of the consoles over just the usual one.

Kinect is kind of the odd-man out here, but not much room for improvement on Kinect until they put out new hardware, IMHO. It is what it is, it does what it does well, but there's not much room for advancement until they improve what it can detect and the level of said detection.

***4. Backwards Compatibility***

Yes, people don't want to go through another cycle of buying HD+ upgrade games. If you want me to upgrade my console, you better make sure the 200+ games I own from this gen aren't going to require me keeping around an extra console or two just to play them. I don't have space in my living room for two different Xboxes and Playstations.

***3. Decent Internet Browser***

Disagree. Don't use a console for browsing the Web, never will. We've got much better devices. With tablets owned by almost 50% of the market, smart phones by more, and laptops in almost every home, there are much better and easier options for browsing the Web. You can even do it while you play a game or watch a movie.

***2. Skype or Live Chat***

This already exists for Microsoft and Sony. Never used either except to try it out a few times with a family member. Likely never will use it again. Have never had a request to chat via video, let alone VoIP. Keep it as it is, no need to do anything else with it, IMHO.

***1. Huge Third Party and Indie Support***

This will already happen. Third-parties are holding off on new IPs until the next generation. The support is already there. The only thing holding them up are the manufacturers.

Remmulak2129d ago

1. Next gen needs to get rid of DVD. Not enough space for games.

2. Need Hard Drives. People not having Hard Drives makes Open World games sad and linear.

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Laxman2130d ago

Great article, all very, very good points.

Was expecting to see some stupid 'Get rid of DRM and Online Pass' bullocks most of these 'Next gen' articles preach.

BuffMordecai2126d ago

So I guess you like like DRM and Online pass?

black9112130d ago

with the way Beyond Two Souls look PS4 can wait another 2 years.

metroid322130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

The textures even in games like that are behind the times now with wiiu doing proper anti alaising with 1080p and 60fps and next gen lighting get a life PS3 is dated end of and the controls are crap on playstation now very old HAT.

RevXM2130d ago

Love my ps3 it was top notch and is the best purchase I have ever made.

But in these days it is very dated. It is probably dated when compared to wiiU, saying probably because we doesnt know much about its specs and none of the games shown for it this far have been impressive technically. I mean not next gen worthy, not anything like the UE 4 demo or the Square enix demo.
And WiiU doesnt look like a typical powerful machine.
First of all it is a tiny console, and thus it probably can't house proper hardware with efficient cooling.
Its going to be the most affordable/cheapest of all the next systems.
And it is Nintendo, they quit the tech race long ago.

Next gen needs to come around as soon as possible. The bigger the leap the better, but looking at the timeline both Sony and Microsoft are overdue announcing new consoles.
And I feel like the next consoles are needed for the whole industry. Not only to me and the new Tech demos proves this. I for One would like not only way more advanced pure visual stuff, but better AI, more physics and destruction to make games more believable, epic and cinematic.

Playing Motorstorm at home after buying the Ps3 was just EPIC.
All the details and responses and randomness made the game a winner and I still play it sometimes, for me Motorstorm is a benchmark for how a gritty arcade racer should be done.
Next gen need stuff that keeps blowing our minds.

MysticStrummer2130d ago

We've reached a point of diminishing returns in all the areas you mentioned. Next gen should focus on big improvements to things other than graphics, such as AI.

jimmins2130d ago

What next-gen needs is good tools for developers and Avatar-quality graphical capabilities.

That. Is. All.

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