Shocker: Infinity Ward’s Next Gen Game to be an FPS

The world’s most successful first person shooter developer is working on a next gen FPS game, PSLS has discovered. - PSLS

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NYC_Gamer2296d ago

I bet it's Call of Duty

DaThreats2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

No, its the next Timesplitters

Dovahkiin2296d ago

Don't let them near Timesplitters.

h311rais3r2296d ago

I would boycott that so fast you have no idea.

flankhim2296d ago

Iw did the best job at the 360 launch.

madjedi2296d ago


Problem is the current iw lost a significant chunk of it's most experienced developers after the exodus of zampilla(however it is spelled) and west why else do you think they had to get help with mw3.

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WeskerChildReborned2296d ago

It's not hard to predict also if it's true, their's more evidence that Next Gen is coming 2013 cause 2013 is IW's turn to release a COD.

Soldierone2296d ago

Unless the milking cow was handed over to Sledgehammer entirely....

HammadTheBeast2296d ago

Wow seriously. Wasnt expecting that. I thought it would be a new puzzler or strategy racing game... actually stick to shooters. Especially one that earns kills for you through killstreaks.

123_3212296d ago

All next gen games will be FPS's. :-(

Trenta272296d ago

I will only get it if it's a FPS game that kills Barney and all of those other stupid shows on TV right now.

aaron58292296d ago

This comment is Legeeeee... wait for it .... nnndaryyyyy !!

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The story is too old to be commented.