Why I Love the Sims 3

"What is massive in size and scope, ever expanding, thrives off of community engagement, fosters seemingly limitless boundaries, and is truly the definition of freedom within the gaming world? None other than The Sims 3. Take a look at an unassuming series that has been a personal favorite for nearly 10 years." GamerGirlTay

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1991d ago
Totoro171990d ago

Ok, no judgement, but I just bought Katy Perry's Sweet Treats (it was on sale at Target for $18 the other day) and it's friggin AWESOME!! My character has a friggin cupcake bra and my couch is a banana split. Oh lord how I love the Sims.

UltimateSin1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Dexter the Bear Mod.