Wonderbook: A Gamer's Perspective

I look into Sony's E3 announcement about "Wonderbook" and what it means for hardcore gamers in the future.

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attilayavuzer2180d ago

Until they turn Wonderbook into an augmented reality Rock Em Sock Em Robots, I don't care.

Seems so obvious to turn it into a virtual board game. Especially some bs like Mouse Trap that takes an hour and a half to set up if you haven't lost all the pieces.

NukaCola2180d ago

My daughter is 5 years old. The concept of an interactive book like this is pretty cool. It's the next step in gaming/education peripherals like SEGA's PICO did years ago. I think if this gets a ton of support, I will probably get one for her and it's something we can do together. I'll snag some trophies and quality time with my kid. My kid's hardcore so this hardcore.

WastelandPatriot2180d ago

When I wrote this article, I was just coming at it from a gamer's perspective. I think it is great for children though. The next step in technology.

Reborn2180d ago

Again, for the last time.

This will appeal to the masses of Potter fans out there. JK herself is involved, which alone speaks volumes. The crowd at E3 of course, wouldn't have much interest, nor would many others. But the younger kids, they will surely be the ones Sony are aiming at.

Good marketing will turn this into something profitable for Sony.

R_aVe_N2180d ago

Very well said my daughter was watching with me and was very excited to play the game. This type of thing is geared towards a a certain audiance and that that are interested will indeed buy it. If for one will if you child still wants it at release. Not ever game made has to be for the hardcore people their are kids out there and fans of the author that will give this a try.

saoco2180d ago

yea my son is 3 and i can see him having a lot of fun with this.

R_aVe_N2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

lmao i think its funny somebody disagrees with you saying you kid might enjoy this like they know you kid at all. People on here are just plain stupid sometimes... Haters are gonna hate all there is to it XD

Neckbear2180d ago

"JK herself is involved, which alone speaks volumes"

I'm more led to believe that it's her name being used as a marketing tool more than anything, if not about the ONLY thing. I mean, half of the time they spent on this they were throwing around "GUYS J.K. ROWLING IS INVOLVED I MEAN J.K. ROWLING IS INVOLVED THIS IS TOTALLY GREAT NOW LET US THROW THE J.K. ROWLING NAME IN HERE AGAIN. WAIT YOU MEAN SHE'S NOT COMING? SHE DOESN'T CARE ENOUGH? WHATEVER HERE HAVE THIS PARAGRAPH OBVIOUSLY WRITTEN BY HER YEAH GUYS IT'S J.K. ROWLING".

raha2180d ago

I agree. This is for the younger crowd and journalists need to understand that.

WooHooAlex2180d ago

It would have been much better if they played like a 3 minute trailer for it. That still would have got the point across and would have left more time to talk about the Vita. A 20 minute stage demo and presentation was kind of a buzz kill.

fatboyfsx2180d ago

I agree, I always wonder why they do these lenghty live demos for motion control games geared towards kids.

Lord_Sloth2180d ago

You'd have my interest if you'd shown something more...I dunno, gamer based

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