New Hardware, New Plus: All Eyes On Sony This E3

TSA: "Sony will be concentrating on PS Vita and the PS3 line-up is too strong for a new console to appear, right?"

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Brosy2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Between MS and sony, if one were to show off new hardware it would be sony. They always show things off way early. E3 2005 MS showed off the 360 and launched the same year. Sony showed off the PS3 at e3 2005 (although most of what they showed was fake), then launched 2006.

GamingPerson2247d ago

I don't know about hardware but I would bet my money that Sony will bring more hardcore games than MS. As usual.

MasterCornholio2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Agreed. Microsoft has turned the 360 into a casual console when they announced the Kinect. In my opinion.


Hisiru2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

More "hardcore" games? Lets forget about the "hardcore" term.

As for the PS3, Sony will bring more exclusive games as well as better games than MS + PSVita games, while MS will bring multiplatform games like COD (as always) Halo, Kineckt and MAYBE a new game.

Sony will probably have a much better show.

It's between Sony and Nintendo but I don't think we can say Nintendo is already the winner just because they have a new console, we need to wait and see what seems to be an epic battle this year.

2247d ago
Dee_912247d ago

I think he means for the ps3.It wouldnt be "as usual" seeing that this vita 2nd appearence or 3rd at e3

Danny Dan2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

I could see a slight possibility in Sony releasing an 'official' PS3 Slim @ a $199 price-point. That would be a phenomenal announcement that would really spike sales for their upcoming year.

The draw-back with that idea is that Sony not only would market a 'new' PS3 hardware... but within one year, it would have to market an even 'newer' piece of hardware, the PS4. They would have to consider how confused that could make the public; marketing would prove to be difficult.

Overall, I feel [like many others] that Sony is the only one who will give Ninty a run for its money for E3 publicity.

Between the following... Sony has a lot of potential for a superb conference.

- PS Vita games +++
- PS3 exclusives ++
- Move games ++ (especially since they are reaching the end of this gen cycle. They need to focus on low price point and appealing to the masses)
- PS Plus +

The '+' signifies what I feel they would concentrate the most time to.

mewhy322247d ago

pretty sure that's trolling there GamingPerson.

Ji99saw2246d ago

Yeah too bad Microsoft are actually focused on making money o_o

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Minato-Namikaze2247d ago

Recent games show it wasnt fake.

Ravenor2247d ago

Animations, physics and particle effects were WAYYY beyond what we've seen on the PS3. They were target renders, get over it.

Dee_912247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

I havent seen the e3 in 2005but the demos ive seen didnt comee close to uc and a hand full of other games.If you cant provide a demo displaying those animations physics and particle effects from e3 2005 then your point is null.You said " they " as if it was alot of games.For some reason I believe your talking about a tech video which was 1 video.Even that video showed things I see in video games today

GrandTheftZamboni2247d ago


Killzone 2 says otherwise. The actual game looked better when it came out than its 2005 animation.

JellyJelly2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

@GrandTheftZamboni - It didn't look better. It looked slightly worse. Check the trailer again.

KUV19772246d ago

Killzone 2 looked really great and I was more than happy with it (still consider it my most favorite shooter), but better? Seriously? That trailer had absolute amazing particle effects, a higher polycount and draw-distance and an even more advanced lighting system complete with flawless shadows. If Killzone 2 had looked like that trailer, or Motorstorm for that matter, we would not be in need of a PS4 graphics wise.

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GraveLord2247d ago

What Sony showed wasn't "fake".
It was still in development so bound to change.

Jazz41082247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Still defending sony from 2005. I do agree with you as those were some pretty realistic Giant Enemy crabs. And the damage you could do to them was amazing. Sony is so great. @ suicidekings I for one if I didn't have windex would have a ps3 that would be invisible from the dust that collects on it. I still have one of the fat ones but it still sucks ballz in my opinion. Go 360.

elmaton982247d ago

@ JAZZ maybe so but still, the ps3 is a piece of hardware(machine) and its going to collect dust just like what my 360 is doing. Go 360(ass).both machine are great in my opinion because ive been able to enjoy great games from both systemand yeah they lied but well 4 years after and men uncharted 2 came and everything was great(bc is excluded from the system because its costed too much to make and besides i had some game for xbox that i couldnt play on the 360 and MS was getting rid of some games that you could play on 360 but then when they came out on the xbox ARCADE you couldnt play them anymore(metal slug 3))

kikizoo2247d ago

[email protected] one of the most beautifull delusional fanboy in full denial..

better hardware, better and more games (and variety, better graphics, free online, etc ebill gates( employeetc get over it, and buy one if you are a gamer more than bill gates's employee.

hellvaguy2246d ago


I get how some peeps prefer one system over another for whatever pros and cons. What I dont understand is how ignore people are to hate on america companies and owners like bill gates (who btw donates more to charity than maybe something like every major corporation combined).

Also another point of it being ironic to hate on anything america is guess what, if your reading this most likely you live in america. But alas is very cliche and "cool" to hate anything american, so its what the kids do to stay popular.

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cee7732247d ago

ps3 SS aka ps3 super slim confirmed

Snookies122247d ago

It's the size of a DS lol, that would be hilarious. I'd buy that... I'd buy that and lose it...

DevastationEve2247d ago

The first MGS4 trailers were done on Apple PPC-based desktops and as the next trailers rolled out the visuals changed and so did the performance. I've come to expect that I haven't SEEN THE GAME until I play it.

MostJadedGamer2247d ago

Actually Sony would be the last one to show there console early after what happen last generation.

Godmars2902247d ago

What about Kinect? The add on that was hyped for well over a year before its release, and a over a year after its yet to prove itself as the all-around control revolution it was advertised as.

I mean, come on.

hellztourguide4202247d ago

@ Master Cornholio

Ya...there was this one thing called the move that looked pretty darn similar to the wiimotes but only they looked like black dildos. Dont get me wrong...i own all three systems and play them all equally, but to say that Sony didnt want to cash in on the casual market themselves is nothing but ignorant.

TKCMuzzer2246d ago

That is true but you forget one important thing, Sony did not forget about the rest of their audience whilst focusing on move, something which Microsoft clearly did not think was important.

joab7772247d ago

i would love to see a ps3.5. Really. It launches with a 500gb drive and 2 gb of memory split. It would give some life to the ps3 right now and allow patches to games that have struggled. It would also give them the leg up on any multiplatform games. And who knows, alot of ppl may just buy it. First update adds cross game chat.

Why not? U cant really lose and the pressure to release a new console may be lessened a little. Alot of people would be so psyched, especially if sony got a confirmation list of companies willing to patch past games like skyrim etc.

KUV19772246d ago

All that would achieve is that people would be majorly annoyed and the ones that are less informed about things like that would be confused. People would have different gaming experiences, some features wouldn't work for some but well for others. I don't think anything like that would ever happen nor should it. I would, however, be more than happy to save some serious money for a PS4.

falconm802246d ago

People do mistakes and should learn from them. Sony is in the business to make money and to win market shares. They've done a mistake in the past. That doesn't mean that they will keep repeating the same mistake like it's something in their philosophy/culture, unless they like losing and I don't think anyone likes to lose.

So what you just said is plain naive and stupid, maybe that's what you are wishing for because you're scared and you like Sony to have another runner-up role in the next generation.

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Reborn2247d ago

Hope it's another good show. Always interesting to see what all parties are bringing to the table.

SandWitch2247d ago

Well, PS3 owners, get ready for the golden year of PS3. The last year of PS3. The last year to taste bunch of fresh and highest quality games that industry can offer. Because next E3 will have a new king and the "granny" will have to leave the grand stage.

Same goes to Xbox 360 owners. This year is golden year for all 'Kinecters'. If you don't have Kinect though, then I don't know... Just play Halo 4 all year until the next Xbox comes

Happy gaming and have a great time during E3 for everyone :)

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Raoh2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

No Blu-ray drive? Possibly,...........

WTF? I stopped reading right here.

Is the writer retarded? He must be. To actually think that sony would release a PS3 reresh without a blu ray drive that would alienate all the games on blu ray that have been released and would no longer be playable on the new ps3 model? At the same time abandoning another platform for their movie franchise to play on?

Going to have to add this site to a list of banned/blocked sites to never visit again. They let anyone have a website and write for them these days.

Suicidekingz2247d ago

Can the PS3 fellows tell me what "golden" PS3 games I am missing. I have a few friends, and our PS3s are collecting dust. This is a serious question... asshats need not reply. Thanks.

GuyManDude2247d ago

Here are some games I've enjoyed:

Uncharted 1-3
Metal Gear Solid 4
God of War III
Ratchet & Clank (A Crack in Time especially)
LittleBigPlanet (both were/are fun)
Heavy Rain
Gran Turismo 5
Infamous 2 (first was good, but I2 is miles ahead)
Resistance 3
Killzone 3
MLB The Show (if you're a baseball fan, which I am)
Warkawk (really fun with friends)

The various collections are great as well if you didn't get a chance to play them on PS2. I wasn't overly impressed with Twisted Metal, and haven't had a chance to play Starhawk yet. But those are some I've enjoyed.

Oh those, my favorites are MGS4, Uncharted 2, God of War III, LBP2, and R&C:aCiT.

TheSaint2247d ago

Don't forget Demons Souls and Valkyria Chronicles two of my favorite games this gen.

NastyLeftHook02247d ago

you should know by now. there are like 10-20

Ravenor2247d ago

"Golden" is going a bit far.

2247d ago
BubloZX2247d ago

you might need to try doing the first part of your name..... Now your just trolling. Anybody who bought a ps3 and is letting it collect dust would have been traded or sold it by now. Gamestop is offering 150 bucks for em' right now! Or why don't you ask or google games to play on ps3. It has the same multiplats and a more plentiful and diverse exclusive library then the 360 and if one of em' don't suit your interest then I would high recommend doing the first part of your name because you have lost what it means to be a gamer.

Ravenor2247d ago

He's clearly trolling, you're clearly a little deranged....or 12. Suggesting someone commit suicide over their irrational dislike of a plastic box, you take the moron cake.

"and if one of em' don't suit your interest then I would high recommend doing the first part of your name because you have lost what it means to be a gamer."

INCORRECT, I dislike some first party PS3 games. I still am fairly sure I still know what it means to be a "Gamer".

YodaCracker2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Well, my PS3 is collecting dust because I play all multiplatform titles on my 360, but I sure as hell am not going to sell it, because then how would I play The Last of Us or God of War: Ascension when they finally release?

portal_22246d ago

^^^ Ignorant troll is ignorant and obvious.

BubloZX2246d ago

@Ravenor i didnt say you had to like all ps3 exclusive because i dont. i said you should atleast find one that interests you. when someone says oh me and some friends all waisted our money buying a ps3 and never use them because there's no games then you might should kill yourself because it shows how stupid you are with money, and in this economy there's no room for people who waist money like that. But the suicideking was obviously trolling suggesting there's nothing to play on ps3. There's more to play on a ps3.

I'm pretty sure your just trolling too. You act as if The last of Us and God of War is the only thing to look forward to. There are tons of exclusive to go try. And if you dont wanna waist money buy the game used at gamestop, keep your receipt and return the game after you beat it. I could see if you worked all the time or had a life but to say your ps3 collects dust for 360's awesome library is stupid. I havent touched the 360 since i beat gears 3 and goofed off online for awhile. Other then halo 4 there's nothing to look forward to. I'll play all multiplats on ps3 and enjoy a vast exclusive library. And since I'm not twelve no kinect.

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Raoh2247d ago

I'd say the same thing I tell anyone without anything to play on the 360.

At this point of the generation, you should be able to download a whole lot of demos.

Personally I got rid of my 360/kinect. If your not a halo/gears fan and you have a pc and ps3 there really isn't anything on 360. Skyrim and games like it are better on pc thanks to mods. I wish more companies would do pc to console mods like epic did with unreal tournament on the ps3.

But like I was saying just download demos and find something you like if you truly can't find anything might as well get rid of it.

I also prefer my ps3 for media. netflix, hulu plus, amazon video and vudu without having to pay microsoft's pay wall is a huge plus and reason enough to keep the dust of your ps3. I am actually enjoying amazon video more than I do netflix, I find the quality to be better.

Hulu plus is great too, I could just use my pc that is connected to my hdtv but I like using a remote control over keyboard or game controller.

I hope you can find something to play or view on your ps3 as I have.

mobhit2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Then can I have your PS3? I can always use another one, considering that you have no use for yours. Anyone who says that is either delusional or still living in 2006.

Wait, you're a troll.

Asgaro2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

I am a PC gamer. Has been and will always be.

But 2 years ago I bought a PS3 Slim for these games:
- Killzone 2-3
- Uncharted 2-3
- Wipeout HD
- Castle Crashers
- Journey
- Red Dead Redemption (this is NO exclusive, but it is not available on PC)

Now I'm looking forward to The Last of Us.

All the games described here are enough for me to justify buying a PS3. I don't see exclusives on 360 that want to make me purchase that console. (Most exclusives also appear on PC anyway, e.g. The Witcher 2)

Also glad that online gaming is free, since I don't want to spend money monthly while I'm 70% of the time gaming on my PC.

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