Mass Effect 3 Discounted 50% at Amazon

Amazon is currently giving 50% off on Mass Effect 3!

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Godmars2901854d ago

Call me when its $20. Maybe.

NYC_Gamer1854d ago

^^^^Same here,i'll buy that excuse of an rpg for 20 bucks..

Godmars2901854d ago

Good TPS. Lousy RPG. Ruins the trilogy as an RPG.

Not that the trilogy was all that good of an RPG past the first entry.

Just saying...

jamesensor1853d ago

You can almost buy The Witcher (1) Enhanced Edition for that money in ebay.

Aloren1853d ago

It's always great to read people saying they're going to buy a game they haven't played and explaining why it sucks.

ShinMaster1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

It's the opposite for me.
I think it's a great RPG, but a lousy TPS.
I found combat and movement really clunky compared to other third-person games.

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Garrison1853d ago

ill get it when... nah nevermind.

jjdoyle1853d ago

Pretty sweet game, wonders if GOTY edition gonna be announced?

mananimal1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

lol, no surprise there, but you couldnt give me this game for free, I jumped ship after ME2. Saw the writing on the wall, disagreed with the direction they chose to take with ME3, & wasnt 1 bit surprised at Biowares "Betrayal" of the CORE fans of this series. Just goes to show you, there is NO LOYALTY by these people, & as SOON as they regain the trust of gamers, They WILL DO IT AGAIN, mark my words, they are going to do it again in the future. To me Bioware is dead. Anything a big publisher like EA touches, it destroys, like the kiss of death.

kent800820071853d ago

Bought it, loved it.
People just love to hate, they don't know what they're missing.