7 Ways Microsoft May Try to Win E3

Microsoft’s gearing up for the big show just like all the other gaming companies…E3 is a matter of weeks away now. The big question: What can Microsoft do to enhance its showing and face-off with the likes of the Wii-U? Here are some ways that Microsoft will try to sway the crowd at E3 this year, along with a measurement of likelihood that event will happen.

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Titanz2395d ago

Killer instinct
Jet Force Gemini
Perfect Dark (more like the N64 version, not Zero-like)
Banjo Kazooie

Basically, it's all in Rare's hands (IMO).

dark-hollow2395d ago

Shemue III announcement will totally redeem the past crappy ms E3 shows for me.

dmixwell2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

i cant lie i never had an Xbox and im very vocal about how much i dislike the xbox wit my xbox homeboys at work. but if rare stepped it up with Battle toads, a real Banjo game , Killer Instinct all those games you named up there i would buy an xbox right after the press conference

_Aarix_2395d ago

So you've never had an xbox, yet you dislike it? Wow, thats practically the definition of ignorance.

DragonKnight2395d ago

_Aarix_: Did he ever say that he hasn't played on an xbox? You're saying because he doesn't have one means he has no reason to dislike it, but that's simply not the truth. He just told you he knows people with the console, and so it's likely he's had some time with it and didn't enjoy it.

dmixwell2395d ago

@DragonKnight right on man...i saw he didn't have any more bubbles so i didn't reply. it wouldn't have been fair ...

supraking9512395d ago

Rare is dead to me, why would you want Rare to kill the Killer Instinct and Jet Force Gemini name? It's all in Rare's hand via Kinect :(

CoolBeansRus2395d ago

Agree with Titanz, they can win by showing games people want. But, they can all win like that :D
Can't wait to see all three events live!

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Ramon3MR2395d ago

Killer Instinct would be bad ass!

GaminGuys2395d ago

Thanks for the slight edit at the end. I enjoyed the article and just wanted to point the bad keystroke. Well done.

Ramon3MR2395d ago

No prob, thanks for the heads up!

GaminGuys2395d ago

My pleasure, just wanted to help then approve ;)

LOGICWINS2395d ago

Pretty sure Microsoft doesn't give a crap about trying to win E3. All they want is to get new BLOPS 2/Halo 4 trailers out there so everyone and they're mother starts the pre-order frenzy. If I were in their shoes, E3 wouldn't matter to me either...not when I know I'll be laughing to the bank at the end of the year.

BattleTorn2395d ago

"Wow Us with Halo 4
Odds – Medium-High"

"medium-high"??? OOOooK.

This one is without question.

And they forgot about a bunch of timed-DLC they'll boast about, like Black Ops II and Skyrim.

SilentNegotiator2395d ago

I can already tell you almost everything they'll do at E3:

1) Halo footage
2) COD timed DLC
3) Forza footage
4) MGSR footage
5) An hour of Kinect and non-gaming features

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