Braben: I hate Diablo 3 DRM – but I also hate locking my house

Frontier boss David Braben says he “hates” Diablo III’s always-on DRM, but admits that it might be a necessary evil for the time being.

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Christopher2275d ago

***[But] there is a lot of evidence that DRM increases sales dramatically, which is quite sad.***

No there isn't.

koehler832275d ago

Just because you can't see the evidence doesn't mean it isn't there.


Christopher2275d ago

Yeah, the problem is that actual statistics on game sales with DRM prove otherwise. Typically, game sales don't vary based on DRM, though some have faltered because of it.

Letros2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Yea and now this will be used as a standard, "hey Diablo 3 sold well..." I remember Tim Willits saying this is the future, and it takes a big dog like blizzard to make it a norm.

BlueTemplar2275d ago

Those locked doors that wont open because they're experiencing downtime are just the worst.

vikingland12275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Funny and intelligent. But I can only give you 1 bubble :(

DragonKnight2275d ago

"Free-to-play, he pondered, might be a good way of ensuring developers don’t lose out at the hands of piracy. But with it, of course, come other issues."

What other issues? Do you know how many devs have switched their games to free to play? If there are so many difficulties with it, it wouldn't be an option. Done right; it can make you a lot of steady money.

DRM does nothing for anyone but those companies like the ESA who love pushing copyrights and making cases against people.

Tony-Red-Grave2275d ago

issue with free to play is pay to win. But i hope more games start taking the free to play model because pay to win or not if the games good im putting time into it.

DragonKnight2275d ago

That's why I said "if done right." They don't have to make items that give other players advantages available for purchase. There are some games out there that get by without such a system.

Alos882275d ago

You hate locking your house? Why? It takes like five seconds, that analogy is stupid.

Halochampian2275d ago

And it only takes a day to log on to the servers...

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