Max Payne 3 PC delayed to June 1

Rockstar has pushed back the PC launch of Max Payne 3 a few days, from May 29 to June 1, due to "production and logistical issues".

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TheXtremePulse2398d ago

Thankfully for PC gamers that date is not too far away.

InTheLab2398d ago

Almost broke down and bought it for PS3 today but I'd rather wait a week than deal with load times or terrible framerate, or whatever issues R* cooked up for the PS3 version.

tigertron2398d ago

What are you talking about? I've completed the PS3 version and I had no issues whatsoever. Just for the record, the only time you get loading screens is before you start the campaign and loading multiplayer maps, and even then they don't take very long.

DCMarvel19802398d ago

To bad it got delayed but it'll be for the best if they spend more time perfecting it.