Activision and Infinity Ward Emails Surface

The story of Infinity Ward and Activision has enough twists, drama, emotion and smack talk to fill a Hollywood screenplay. With the court case between former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella and Activision fast approaching on May 29, emails have surfaced that demonstrate the strife between the publisher's executives and the studio heads long before the two groups parted ways in March 2010.

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OmegaSlayer2368d ago

This 4 way match between Activision, EA, Respawn and Bungie is so cool! :)
Having fun.
Also...problems again for siding with Microsoft...
Microsoft without this kind of 3rd party support is non-existent

MacDonagh2368d ago

If you are working your staff like dogs and not paying them overtime for it; don't expect them to be receptive to your calls.

Saryk2368d ago

I have no sympathy for Activision: You always treat your talent with respect and don't try to bend them over!

DJLB21152368d ago

Yeah but u also dont bite the hand that feeds you. EVER! Now West and Zampella dont even have the rights to the damn game they created. Unless you have the means to do something on your own and be in charge of it, refer to the beginning of this post!