Wii U Controller-Leak Video Analysis

GameXplain: "Join us as we uncover the secrets of the Wii U controller, as revealed in a recent leak. We dive in headfirst and explore what the new analog sticks and button placement mean for the form factor, and try to unearth what the two mysterious squares might be! You won't want to miss this!"

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Eternalb2285d ago

I wonder what the squares are for

Patriots_Pride2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

I wonder too...strokes chin.

ChickeyCantor2285d ago

A mouse "pad" like the Blackberry. like he suggested. Or that other thing

Patriots_Pride2285d ago

Nintendo equals innovation while the other play copy cat.

Akuma-2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

You're right mate, because Nintendo didn't copy dual analog, L2,R2 from Sony playstation. Do you realize that the u pad is a copy of a dual shock just like the retro controller. I also wonder who introduced dual rumble for left and right rumble instead of one. Who had them built in the controller?

Nes fanboys are the worse. Most thinks that ps home is a rip-off of mii plaza . Sony copies are always better than anything Nintendo introduced, well most of the time .

Which is better- mii plaza vs ps home
Super Mario whichever vs lbp
Mario kart vs lbp karting
Which will be better smash brothers vs playstation all stars
Wiimote vs ps move
3ds vs vita

Shok2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

That makes perfect sense. A wide, flat controller with a 6.2" touchscreen is totally a ripoff of the daulshock /s

Listen to yourself.

And yes, Sony introduced dual rumble.....but who introduced rumble to begin with?

And the Vectrex was the first console to feature an analogue stick (although Nintendo made it big), all Sony did was add a 2nd one. That's innovative to you?

You're praising Sony for the wrong things, there's plenty of other ways they've been innovative like progressing the media storage for games (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays), but you're simply listing examples where Sony simply ADDED to an existing idea, no necessarily ideas where they actually CREATED something.

Sony has innovated, just not in the ways you listed.

--Onilink--2285d ago

hahaha every comparison you make is about things nintendo actually introduced in the industry, of course Sony changed them later, but it was Nintendo who did them in the 1st place, changing something that already exists isnt innovation, so you are hardly making a comment that goes against what patriots said

PopRocks3592285d ago

"Nes fanboys are the worse."

First of all, loving the grammar.

Secondly, Nintendo saved the home console market with the NES.

Finally, both Nintendo and Sony have made advancements and innovations, albeit different ones. How about giving credit where credit is due?

b-real2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

I agree with Shok and Onilink - that was the biggest fail of a comment.

MaxXAttaxX2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Both Sony and Nintendo introduced rumble at the same time.

Sony released the "Dual Analog Controller" with built-in rumble for a limited time(before releasing the more stable DualShock) on the same month and year as Nintendo's add-on Rumble Pak.
So no, Nintendo wasn't the first.

And you're right about the Vectrex having analog first. The Neo Geo CD also had an analog thumbstick in 1994.
Making it big doesn't equal innovation.

What about the clickable analog sticks? First introduced on the PS1, now on Wii U.
Every system after the PS1 includes a dual analog sticks and a second set of shoulder buttons (L2/R2), but I guess those don't count, huh.

@ Disagrees,

PopRocks3592285d ago


I remember there being an episode of Angry Video Game Nerd where he used a wireless Atari controller that was analogue. Wouldn't that one be the first? Or am I wrong?

dark-hollow2285d ago

good good.
let the butthurt flow through you.

browngamer412285d ago

Which is better let me count the ways

Mii plaza Vs.home-o.k. I'll give you this one-home
Super Mario VS. LBP-you're joking right? The most innovative and amazing series of all time vs. Sackboy,no competition-Mario
Mario Kart VS. LBP Karting-again this has to be a joke..-Mari Kart
Smash Bros.VS.BLATANT and emberrasing rip off from Sony-Smash Bros.
Wiimote(+)Vs.Move-Skyward Sword says Hello-Wiimote(+)hands down
3DS Vs.Vita-I would say figures speak for themselves but a bunch of Sony trolls would jump all over my as-oh Fark it 3DS hands down! I love 3D without glasses you trolls can call it a gimmick all you want I damn sure didn't purchase one because of you're the software line-up is VASTLY superior..

is there anything I missed?

ShinMaster2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

* Super Mario is amazing. However, Mario and LBP are pretty different. I don't one for the same reasons I play the other.

* Mario Kart and LBP Karting... first of all, you haven't played LBP Karting yet so don't jump to conclusions. Mario Kart may have done it before, but that doesn't mean it's better.
As far as I know, LBP Karting, just like the mothership games, is customizable and has an entire level/track creation and community aspect.
So how about we all wait before judging.

* What's so embarrassing about PS Battle Royale?
Can't you and Nintendo take a little competition? Heck, it might even push Smash to be even better.
There's at least 6 other games just like Smash Bros and no one bitched then. Except now they do because it's PS3 exclusive. Now THAT behavior is what's embarrassing.

* Technically speaking, Move is better than the Wiimote. The camera helps with 3D tracking of movements including the head and body.
Sales don't play a role on which is technically better.

* 3D? If you're crazy about 3D, then sure. But that's just a preference because, again, the Vita is technically better, from the interface to its performance. I bought a 3DS, not for 3D, but for the games, like most people.
3DS obviously has more software. Then again, after a year, I would hope so.
But which games are better comes down to preference.

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Shok2285d ago


Calm down, not once did I bash Sony, so I don't know why you're attacking me. I even said Sony has innovated, I just said not in the ways Akuma said. But obviously that part went over you're head.

Clickable sticks, agreed.

2nd set of shoulder buttons? That's a pretty weak argument, cause Nintendo were the ones who introduced shoulder buttons to begin with. Again, this is another example of Sony simply adding to what another company did, not necessarily innovating.

But their media formats, clickable sticks, yes, innovation.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2285d ago

but console were out before since sony only add to something it doesn't equates to real innovation, i could say the same about nintendo.

and the design of the controller/or ergonomics of the wii u isn't innovative either since thats been done before to right?..

i can play games on a ipad or galaxy.

i'm not taking saids but propaganda is propaganda.and if akuma got thumb down, then why are ppl agreeing with you since your post are identical ?...

both of your post are dumb in equal measure.

MySwordIsHeavenly2285d ago

Nathan owned you though. Your argument was basically that adding more buttons isn't innovative because buttons already existed. Implementation on games like Twisted Metal and Spyro made four shoulder buttons a necessity in the industry.

As for Mario vs. LBP thing...there are only three LBP games out. They were all phenomenal. Mario is hit or miss, simply because there are so many games. That being said, I prefer LBP. Mod Nation already beat out Mario Kart, in my opinion. People see what they want to see, which is usually what they grew up with.

Ck1x2285d ago

@MySwordIsHeavenly: Boy do people read into whatever they want, because he didn't even say that. He just stated that what was claimed to be innovative by Sony was already inroduced by someone else. And in no way shape or form was the rumble feature and Dual Shock introduced at the same time. The Rumble Pak launched in Japan April of 1997 and Dual Shock didn't release until later that year! And Mario has been anything but hit or miss. The games always score very high in reviews and are notably critically acclaimed by the media. Now if you came at some of the story lines or side missions for being unoriginal, then I could agree. As Mario could take some detours every now and again to switch things up more, but not hit or miss though...

Machioto2285d ago

Didn't thq release a tablet on wii before Nintendo,yes their super innovative/s.

Lucretia2284d ago

and yet patriots, the wii is the most sold console yet the least played console with the least software sales ever.

odd huh? just proves nintendo knows how to real in people with gimmicks

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LOL_WUT2285d ago

So i guess it is keeping the name Wii U :(

PopRocks3592285d ago

*Shrug* In the end it's just a name, really.

MySwordIsHeavenly2285d ago

Agreed. Let's just call it the "Creepy Neighbor".

Khordchange2285d ago

wow, nintendo listened to the complaints of it. color me surprised

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