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"Don’t think of Skyrim or Dark Souls while playing Dragon’s Dogma; just take this unique experience and enjoy it for what it is. For all the small faults that tamper with its formula, it remains an engaging and rewarding experience, and cements itself as a game worth playing."

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alessandro102199d ago

"Dragon’s Dogma’s brilliance shouldn’t come off as a surprise if you’ve paid any attention to the trailers and info since it was announced. Sure, the demo was a bit lackluster, but the game is so much more than that limited perspective gives; the pre-launch trickle of news made many think it would be something special, and they were right. With a competent story and a bewildering ending(at least the one I got– there are multiple ones for your replaying enjoyment), satisfying combat and level progression, an amazingly careful attention to detail in every possible aspect, and more, it’s hard to not find yourself swayed."

this game

Canary2199d ago

And what, exactly, is 'bewildering ending' supposed to mean? That could cover anything from Catherine to ME3.

pr0digyZA2199d ago

OXM also said something about the final five hours being incredible, and something many "top ten" lists will use in the future. Although they said they don't know if anyone else got the same ending as them as it was one everyone should see.

KozmoOchez2198d ago

OXM also gave the game a 60 according to Metacritic, unless the one listed is different from the review you read. Don't understand why reviewers say awesome things then rate a game low

pr0digyZA2198d ago


Not too sure which oxm that is maybe the uk version, the official magazine gave it 8/10 and gave quite a nice write up

KozmoOchez2198d ago

yeah that link was to the UK one, so I'm assuming the US one is the one that gave it the 60

Flipgeneral2199d ago

can't wait for this game

this and Diablo 3 should tide me over for the summer

brodychet2199d ago

Tell me when you log in.

pr0digyZA2199d ago

Everyone can log in now.

brodychet2199d ago

I know. I was joking :/

pr0digyZA2199d ago

Ugh these faceless words :(

xXxSeTTriPxXx2199d ago

knew this was something special.hope DD becomes a success, so they can optimize the engine more and make something great even greater.

i hope this is the beginning of a new franchise.

Nerdmaster2199d ago

I want this game, but I will only buy a PC version.

pr0digyZA2199d ago

I was planning on doing that as well, but I am weak and decided I'll get it on PS3, and sell that if a PC version comes out.

jamstorr862199d ago

I was glad to see the reviewer stating how you should get Skyrim and Demon's Souls out of mind when playing as it seems this game is different enough and unique enough to warrent judgement on its own terms. I have this on pre-order and can't wait to play it.

Rockefellow2199d ago

Yeah, it's important to differentiate between the two. It's a problem with a lot of games, becoming to accustomed to the specific style and complaining when another, similar games is played, but it's especially important here when people are going into DD with other games in mind.

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