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Game of Ned Stark dies.

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"I would like to see made on the current dualshock, is the left analogue stick swapping places with the d-pad."
I personally hope they never do that. I hate non symmetrical analog sticks.

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More like 12 million. They're not goin anywhere anytime soon.

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What a fag.

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I bet Jesus could beat Allah in a fist fight.

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Dummy, the people that lose are the developers which means we as gamers will lose in the lon run.

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lol there weren't exclusives in 3rd parties when all consoles were relatively equal in power. they started when the n64 and ps1 were released b/c nintendos system couldnt hold / do alot of the things that the ps0 could. they were never exclusives b/c a company liked one system over the other but simply b/c the system of choice better suited the game they were making.
A good example this gen is the wii. it doesnt get any 3rd party support other than games built specifically for the...

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Oh no! I cant use the Kinect voice feature?

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jimmy fallon is an idiot

on topic though, it looks better than CoD

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i would assume 4.99 a character

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who cares. this game will be shit just like the last one. Square Enix needs to go out of business.

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Well i've lived between the east coast and texas and traveled between the 2 for the last 5 years and I have almost always had better service than on my wifes verizon plan.
I think some people just like to hate on ATT

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ATT is a good service. Anyone that claims otherwise doesn't know what theyre talking about.
Ive had ATT for years now alongside my wife who had Verizon. Her service sucked while mine stayed awesome. I also had better customer service.
Now shes with AT&T

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Fuck yea. This is the best oldschool FF

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I've been in a house for 5 years with people with the same "AT&T sucks attitude" and they've had Verizon and sprint. I've lived on the east coast and sw america and everywhere in between and the entire time AT&T has made their phones, plans, and service look like a joke. I truly believe that most ppl on that bandwagon truly have no idea of what they're talking about and are just bandwagon haters. I'm not all pro AT&T but I've experienced the diffe...

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You're right. It has more fags and sissies. FOR THE HORDE!!!

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hopefully its for smartphones. that would make me happy

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war never changes

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