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I think sound design in games is the more underrated elements of all the things that make a game really click with the player.

I'm super glad to see the support continue to expand.

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If AAA games continue to treat players like a product to hook and real in rather than entertain they will always be subpar to those who focus on gameplay and the experience.

But gamers can be pretty fussy too. If all the boxes aren't checked then people pull out the torches like in CoD BO4 with the campaign being pulled. Puddlegate anyone?

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Well when you got bonehead beancounters making devs chase trends of course you won't be able to get anything done.

Being off hands and letting devs do their work has a great track record in the right hands. Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, even with their flaws are great games with narrative and 2K gave Ken Levine the room to do his work.

Great experiences can be had with smaller teams. Hellblade is a good example of a shorter but tight experience give...

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So they have an excuse to hold off game review embargos until after its been released.

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To be fair it's on it's third release date. :)

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I came and expected another lame "spider man water puddle" issue. This is Peter Molyneux level of setup of expectations and actual delivery.

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Not to mention all of their mobile pricing models are outlandish. I've tried a few SQ mobile games and once I passed the honeymoon phase it was either a grind or pay to win. Which is not unlike many mobiles but SE levels of buy in was way above and beyond most people's level.

I've liked how Nintendo has managed Fire Emblem Heroes. I have been playing it from day 1, spent about $5 over 2 years and have a strong roster and don't feel compelled to spend that mu...

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I find it interesting how many "no season pass" markers are on those screenshots.

If that sample is any indication of season pass buyers that's a really low percent.

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Fun? Only if you mean in the "haha weeee!" sense of the word. Some of my favorite games like Bioshock has parts of dramatic storytelling and world building that pull me in with intrigue or suspense. It may not be fun all the time but its entertaining to say the least.

As with many here who complain about RD2 I totally agree with those who felt the controls and systems hurt the experience. 10 to 15 hours in and I still can't seem to get the controls down which ...

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It would seem they would have to really make it good to win back the favor of the fans from MvC3.

Not as many takers in thinking of an Avengers 4 tie in? That would definitely be a possibility as the story has been known for years and would give a dev enough time to make a game either on/about or parallel to it.

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Just checked out the Dark Nuka creator site. Besides the now added note to the site from the COO their was no mention of the bottle being the way it turned out. They bothered to include 3 pictures of the plastic shell and even some additional containers with the logo but never once had the actual bottle shown. They even mentioned that is "share the same look as other Nuka cola products"

If I was a collector I'd be pretty miffed. It's not the rum that makes...

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Agree. If I recall correctly I think they were part of the hardware planning stage at some point or at least one of the first studios to have access to all the Switch Dev kits.

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When you go so far down the only way is to go up.

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The fact that they never bothered to change or clarify the retail descriptions before release is the worst of it. Early concepts of collector editions and prototypes change all the time (still bugged by the Link smash amiibo yellow stick stand but I digress). When described as a "canvas bag" and not being anything close to that on a $200 price tag is pretty thoughtless and worth every bit of criticism.

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Surprised it took 10 years to get to this point.

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I remember watching the E3 trailer from the two years before it launched and I don't think a single frame of that trailer was in the final game. Full characters and tons of scenes (full dark knight characters, locations, falling building battle, airship jumping...) all absent. Really showed how much they were jumping all over even in that stage.

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The same reason why people still buy sweatshop Nike shoes and electronic devices at Foxcom. Its all a worthy cause until you're asked to take away something yourself.

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Hypothetical question. Does the Great Mighty Poo count?

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Why would they stay? After working their butts off and having little to show for it (and most likely loss of anticipated sales bonuses) I'd do the same.

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As a staple of gaming history, Dragon Quest (I prefer Warrior cause I'm old school like that) needs to take a few more risks in its design and be the placeholder for what top tier classic JRPG's can be. Don't be mistaken I love classic RPG style but games like the Xeno series and Persona have better adapted to modern audiences. Taking out random battles and having challenging settings is a good start.

I also think SquareEnix is doing a terrible job in managing t...

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