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I think an angle that many are not considering is the cut they have to take by going through traditional channels. Stores would have to take their cut as well to carry and resell units. KS takes a 10% cut which would be 5% less than a traditional retailer cut (from suggested estimates). I don't know if I see a problem with Kickstarter being a glorified preorder tool.

I do get how the image of the recent investment does make the idea of Kickstarter more cheapened. I gues...

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The story is irrelevant as far as this specific games goes. It just got delayed due to the virus outbreak and will now be published on a cartridge when it does release.

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I'm more interested if this tech can be used for older games somehow. If they could get that kind of result (or even a half step up) on a 360 or first XBOX gen game that would really be amazing.

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Or...you know...crappy games don't help either. Contra Rogue Corps anyone?

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Agree 100%. I usually use the "framerate" setting when games offer a resolution to frame rate option. The amount for computing power for having a higher resolution seems like a bad trade off to more effects and steady frame rates IMO.

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Not even close. While I did not like this character, the rest of the season pass was spot on. A nice mix of history, nostalgia and surprise which are the tent-poles of Smash characters.

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If it means I don't have to click either thumb stick to run, aim, select or other use every minute I'm sold.

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Licencing is the best way for Disney to get into the game market. They get to still have a level of control over their IP, take little risk with guaranteed profit, and allow those who know the business do it best. Its the exact reason why they let LucasArts and Disney Infinity go.

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They never had the game I wanted when I gave them a chance.

As for other factors I'm sure soon after launch, the game just sits there and does not get enough interest to pay back the game purchase for RB in the first place.

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No way they would miss a double system launch window. It will prob be their first profitable quarter in years.

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Its not his call. Crazy that people think that he had any say of what Nintendo gives him. I will admit, with last year's Ultimate Alliance 3 and Smash reveal Nintendo did seem a little light this year in overall promotional presence. No More Heroes 3 and Bravely Default 2 are fun announcements but pretty niche.

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I've never understood the obsession to make systems smaller. Sure you can go too big but I would totally go for a system that does not have to cut corners for form factor reasons.

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Wish they would have done that with amiibo in a timely manner. It took months before the even acknowledge a supply issue with any meaning. They have always been better with communication in Japan.

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As a first party and indie machine I don't think so. It would probably put a stop to "bare bone" ports though.

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Oh really? Did one billion people suddenly get reliable, uncapped, 100MB+ internet?

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They have said they are working on load/respawn times. I've had some rooms not load at all which was annoying and required going back to the main menu and reloading (XBOX1X). Those issues are not addressed not in this patch yet so hopefully it comes soon.

Other than that I've really enjoyed the game.

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They can keep the mainline series going in this direction forever if they want to keep the money flowing.

However, I'd go all in on a AAA Pokemon spin-off experience with something new like arena style battling or even a Pokemon with a MMO live game structure. They can trim the total list down to whatever they felt necessary and with a totally new experience many would not fault them for doing so.

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Did not play Death Stranding. Was it as bad and cheesey as Cup Noodles in FFXIV? (It was a little charming but seemed out of place for sure)

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Between BoTW and GoW I don't know which one I liked more. Both had previous franchise expectations and tropes that could have easily over shadowed what made them great.

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Their output would say otherwise.

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