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(fill in name here) is dissapointed because (fill in name here) get it first? Does a bear S$#% in the woods?

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Paint a target on your back and point the finger. Classy.

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Why not if it works for them? Rare's best games were under second party arrangement. And Platinum seems to have the originality that Nintendo wants/needs.

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They just opened a final copy. Its already in production. Why would they do that?

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Stop. Why would anyone support 4K anytime soon with the practically 0 install base and resources to have such a resolution?

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I thought it was great. It sets it apart from the million trailers that other games have.

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Two words. Price Drop

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Please let this be a sign of official US imports or maybe even a new Earthbound.

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Because these guys have created nothing but masterpieces the last 15 years. You had a good run but go home you're drunk.

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So when Zynga keeps falling you can't blame him. Good career choice.

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I really think that the likeness was not done on purpose. Both games were announced around the same time and games are in development for a while before. They even changed the character model after the announcement.

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I like Nintendo's policy. Don't make games that people would want to sell.

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As much as it pains me to say it...Nintendo. I have and still am a big fan of their games and franchises. They had few announcements at E3 and ZERO new IP to talk about. Even my top Nintendo title, X, is a spiritual squeal. They are still riding on the coattails of Gamecube and older system IP with little innovation to grow from.

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Do people realize that the old policy only allowed a game to be shared to one person only not just one at a time? Correct me if I'm mistaken but I think that a detail many dont see.

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Most of this argument is moot due to that almost every PRO was a "publishers could" "Prices could go down".

DRM is a so a thing of the past???? D3 and Simcity fans would argue that.

We want actual planning not a possibility.

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Explain what happens when MS pulls the plug on their servers 10-15 years from now. I can still experience two decades of games until they are destroyed or the systems burn out.

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Adding rocks to a sinking ship. Ask MS how Windows 8 is going for them while your at it.

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More fuel for the fire.

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"...what will happen when Microsoft decides that the Xbox One is no longer a profitable venture."

100% why I won't get a ONE. Steam gets away with it because I rarely pay over $5 for each game I get.

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Oooh. Blockbuster. The first place I look to for pre-ordering games and systems.

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