Zool 08

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Spot on confirmed

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@ DashMad you'll find that the PSVR is still ahead by a considerable margin, yes oculus sale's has spiked up but has a long way to go before catching up

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To the haters, please give the PS5 the same treatment (Not that it needs your help but please do your worst all the same anyway)

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I know RRoD 🤣🤣🤣

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Once again your hatred has failed

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Haters be damned. After all your attempts to tarnish this game, ND & Sony reputation has failed. Long may your hatred and Sonys success continues

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He want's diversity in the game? Next thing he'll be shoving Aliens down our throats, I'm disgusted
(I'm being sarcastic by the way, can't wait to get this 11 days)

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Outstanding graphics, another inside Xbox late showing

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More desperation from these trolls. Next thing you'll hear is Naughty Dog eating children.

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We've had 2's and 1's before but 0?, that's rough

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PS2 has sold 160m console's world wide, but still those numbers are insainly high though

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XBottlenex 😄😄😄

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@ Neonridr and yet the PRO destroyed it

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If that what it takes to get graphics of that quality at 30 fps then ill take it with both hands

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As it stands MS has their work cut out because so far after that uninspiring showing from Inside XBOX even the best games on the PS4 has shown it the door and this demo running on PS5 has made it look out of it's depth, and if MS continues to keep this up it's going to get it's self battered again, now you xbot's claim the XBSX can do better if that's the case it's time for them to prove it.

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@ i3eyond the Circle and Looper

Wether it was 1440p 30fps or whatever, it's still blew anything that the XBSX has shown so far out of the water, after all unlike your so called 12tflop beast flopped, they actually showed a demo running on the PS5, so keep on crying

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You're right, games like Horizon Zero Dawn makes this game look last Gen more like

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Either Code Veronica or One

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People who go on about teraflops it's not always cut and dry

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