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No thank you. Do not want 1942 or 2142 DLC edition buy our maps for 50 dollars.

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Except it's been reported that the WiiU has already sold more than what the Ps3 or 360 did in the same time frame.


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"How high does the fps really need to be?"

Is this a legitimate question? As high as it can go, and even further. Having high FPS is important. It makes games bearable on the eyes.

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If I can play Final Fantasy on a calculator, does that make it a calculator game?

If I can play Metal Gear on a Refrigerator, does that make it a refrigerator game?

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They're not mobile games. They're games that have been ported over to mobile platforms.

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The practice is not acceptable for a game like White Knight Chronicles and it would never be acceptable for games like FF, MG, or RE. You'd still find people defending the decision though.

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I love it when that argument is used. "OH YOU JUST DONT LIKE CHANGE".

No, it's not that people don't like change, people don't like BAD CHANGE. The way in which this game is being handled is horrible. It's amazing how anti-consumer you and many other people are.

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"It needs to sell hardware"

It is selling hardware. It's reported to already have sold more than what the Ps3 and 360 did in the same time frame, but still less than the Wii.

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Then I suggest watching movies instead, something that doesn't require you to make an effort.

Games are/were meant to be challenging. That's where the fun comes from.

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You mean the same characters. Many of the games are vastly different. It's like the N4g hivemind cannot differentiate between what a game is and what a character is.

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The bank didn't get fined because they're deep in the pockets of corruption.

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I disagree. I think Majora's Mask is much better than Ocarina of Time.

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What is there to disagree with? I don't even think you understand the context of my comment. People are commenting saying "oh I feel bad, they have families to feed".

So what? Developers think that they can get away with murder and still make money on it because "They got families to feed". I'm saying if they have families to feed so badly, they shouldn't have went into a business that requires you to put your heart and soul into it and expecte...

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And yet you have articles like this one.


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I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you have families to feed you should go into a field that is guaranteed to pay you money. Not one where you need to please the fans to make money.

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Clearly you never played them. We're not talking about story here, we're talking about combat and style play. It is much different in this game, considering you can get SSS just by striking with that axe/hammer three times.

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I wonder why the graphics were suddenly much better, you know maybe 4 years later the graphics should be better. Who knows, maybe that has something to do with it.

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Why is SilentNegotiator getting disagrees? It is just a troll.

Also there's that word again, entitled. I don't think it means what these people think it means.

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Except they have no positive influence or negative influence. They're a media form of entertainment.

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"Games do bad"

Such as what?

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