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yes ,.. This definitely should come on Vita as well,.. It would look so damn great on that Oled screen,.. And Disgaea is addicting as crack,..

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And the statement would not be far from the truth,..

Hell, if this does not brake some record sales something is really wrong,.. Since even Gears3 got pushed back a whole year just so they could have any game for a year to compete on core market money at all,..

It is not really hard to imagine this selling incredibly well, since you can count their exclusive core IPs, with the fingers of one hand of a really clumsy carpenter,..

Then again sin...

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Why is everything 360 related always so damn juvenile, retarder or homo,..

This avatar shit is way more kiddy than Nintendo Miis,.. Or some crazy shit in PS Home,.. At least Nitty does not shove this shit down your throat everywhere,..

And shouldn't Rare be working on a real fucking game like even a real Banjo Kazooie sequel or any real game, instead of making dresses for your faggy avatars,..

MS... I thought ,.. no comment,.. MS sucks ba...

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Edge,.. Is a piece of shit,.. Some of my favorite games this gen, hell of my entire gaming life (25+years) were scored 4-6 ,..

Might actually try WKC,.. I kinda really don't like the art design, but I haven't played a real hardcore and deep Jrpg in a while,..(except for Ar Tonelico),.. And you apparently get 2 games WKC1 and WKC2,..

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It is not the screen size that is the problem,,..

It is the lack of tactile buttons,..

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That is the cum one? Never got to see it ,..
Is is this one ,..?


The funny thing is that they really whored her,.. badly,..and she liked it, whore,.. And it worked, because the first Assassin's creed was crap,.. media defended it and then even costumers defended it,.. even though it was incredibly overrated and everyone knew it was ki...

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People ,.. I really don't care what anyone thinks,.. You all knew what you were getting when you buy a Nintendo console (Wii especially since it is basically a gamecube)

I bought Wii for Nintendo games,.. And Wii certainly delivered,.. We got 2 Zeldas, 2 3D Marios, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Bros., Super Smash Bros., Metroid Prime 3 and even another 2Desque Metroid,..

Basically they put all the fucking franchises they had on there,..in bulk (there...

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They need to do a new Chrono game for this gen or for Vita,..

What the hell is taking so long!! I have been waiting for a new game for the last 12 years,.. It is Diablo-type of crazy, if not even way worse..

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What you wrote is little retarded,..

Shit is not impressive at all ,.. (reso and reso appropriate assets with *AA and *Aniso) ,..

Sorry that does not impress me at all,... That to me is not next gen of hardware stuff,.. (neither does Crysis1 impress me anymore,.. And I run it stable @hardcore 45+FPS)

I really hope Sony stays with PS3 as long as it can,.. because if next gen is just about 1080P with higher assets and more AA and aniso,.. Then ...

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You know you can go on the bed,.. and face front,.. lol and she rides Snake,.. funny as hell,..

vash is funny as shit,..

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YES !!!!

Horse Armor DLC free confirmed !!!

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lol what a piece of shit biased article,.. seriously dude,.. you crack me up ,.. you 12?

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3shitty 2 sounds better,..

*_this will get marked as trolling,.. but at least I had a laugh- lololololo
Since half of the list is third party,.. I think they could come up with a way better list of games for next gen,... just saying,..

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Siren games, Clock tower, Fatal frame games,..even Call of Cthulhu and Penumbras are there,..

I kinda like the list, I think it is pretty good,.. Would put most games in very different order myself though,..

@techrave,.. I know bro.

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Nice! Apparently they really put a lot of effort in it,.. This is going to be great!!! Hope they polish it up even more!

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Why do you bother,..?

He hasn't played a PS3 in his life,..

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Crysis 1 does sucks,..

Warhead and Crysis2 were a tad better in pacing,.. It is funny that Crytek's best designed game was Far Cry 1 in my opinion,.. I am not hating on them,.. but to me personally their games are average at best,..

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So is it any good?

Only played the first one on PC,.. And I still have not finished it,.. Just feels so clunky and the enemies are bullet sponges..

I suggest that people who like Gears games, support the developers and fucking buy it.

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