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Here's my take:

Bayonetta 2: Yes, the little audience it once had is no longer there. It being an exclusive means it is going to be really hard to do well on the Wii U alone. Especially considering the Wii U is in it's first year, ergo the user base is smaller.

Dead Space 3: Too many games coming out around the same time, doesn't look as promising as other installments in the series in my opinion.

Gears of War: Judgment: Prequels ...

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Thank you i was unsure

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@NukaCola Sucker Punch definitely is, they've been so quiet. Guerilla Games is also hardly debatable, but Media Molecule? I'll believe that one when I see it.

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If an ending ruined a game for you, then don't play a story driven game anymore.

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It's a definite confirm though for the PS4, which is good enough.

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My reaction exactly!

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Yea I agree with you for the most part. "Mediocre" looking games is no way to phrase it.

To be fair though, we have those three games then like two others that are promising looking Vita exclusives so far. :/

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Funny, because I just recently got an Xbox 360, and when I tried to quickly access Internet Explorer before activating my Live subscription, it said I couldn't. But, you're right it must be different for you alone...

This year, Sony offered $1200 worth of free shit with their subscription service. Yes, $1200. Don't believe me? Do the math. For $50 (cheaper by $10 than Xbox Live, which offers basically nothing in return) yields you f...

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Oh thank God they told me was just about to go ahead and microwave it!

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I completely agree. It should have been "Most disappointing".

But even then, I did not find PS All Stars disappointing what so ever, I loved it and anyone who comes over and plays it loves it as well, they even bought it afterwards!

I didn't think Doom 3 BFG was disappointing or even bad, but I never played it or the original so...

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No... I think LBP Karting... and that's it. Rest lived up to their expectation critically, but unfortunately not commercially :(

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Hey, I was the writer of the article. I agree with you here about Mario, Forza, and Assassins Creed. I didn't want to dive into those ones in this article, just to avoid confusion. Gears of War in my opinion is fine for now. Need for Speed is also one that comes out a lot. I think Mario should be at the top of the "need to take a break" list since each new game in the series really only adds a more vibrant world with different levels. Maybe a few new gameplay elements as well.

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