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"Many bloggers are mocking Sony's Peter Dille for insisting that the Playstation 3 will have a 10 year life-span"

Please don't call 1 or 2 Microsoft worshiping sites "many bloggers",you're giving the rest of the bloggers a bad image.

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Excellent decision by SquareEnix.

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For now =)

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Leipzig,not GDC.

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I decided to look at your last comment:

"This is a rather short list for being "half" the presentation, wouldn't most of you agree? Sony has big things planned for tomorrow/today and the unleashing of 3 big time, never before seen, games is just the start of it all. Some of what we have on our website is just the opener for Sony's year ahead dominance in the market.

As some of you were fortunate to see Silhouette and Tears for Blood are finally upo...

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Unless they announce MGS4 for the 360,it's not looking like Microsoft will 'steal the show'.

I do expect them to have a great showing though,they've learned their lesson from last years E3.

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"PS3 62,527
PSP 40,065
DSi 38,287
Wii 13,221
Xbox 360 8,652"

PSP>DSi :O !?!!?1

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Oh no

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Why is the audio Panned hard left and hard right?

It's really hard to listen to the interview like this,can someone give me a summary?

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"Why in the hell can I not buy FFX on the playstation store yet?"

Maybe because all Sony and every Multi-Billion dollar corporation care about is profit?And putting a Disc game on PSN almost guarantees they won't make money off it?

Let's say FFX is priced at $15,and is downloaded 200,000 times.That's what,3 Million dollars?

Now ask yourself,out of that 3 Million dollars,how much money are Sony going to make considering the game was Publis...

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Oh I've heard of it,it's just that they haven't made money off their investment yet.

Feel free to disagree while the numbers agree.

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"The trouble for Microsoft is that its cash cow is shifting," said Carl Howe, analyst with Yankee Group. "PC sales are troubled, and they're getting hurt by the move to cheaper notebooks."

I think I remember saying Netbooks would replace Laptops in a few years?I also remember I was pleasantly greeted by many disagrees on the comment?

Wait until you see how right I was :)

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Relax kids,they're not doomed.

They just won't be throwing around 50 Million dollars for DLC anymore.

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I'm a bit worried about Bioshock 2,it looks just like Bioshock 1 in terms of environment and setting.

I thought the game took place in a much younger Rapture?

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Putting Playstation Home to good use,good.

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Strategy,you say?The biggest 3rd party game of this generation sold equal numbers across both platforms with 1 platform having exclusive DLC.

Their 'strategy' failed :'(

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As HDTV penetration rises,so does Bluray awareness and consumption.Welcome to reality.

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1-Ps3 games have much better Graphics and Audio,Xbox live is much more unified than the PSN.This is the biggest difference I see,if you want the best HD graphics out there-you go with the Ps3.If you want the best Online out there,you go with Xbox Live.You do of course have to pay for Xbox Live,but this isn't an issue if you bought the console specifically for Online gaming.

2-The XMB is quick and responsive,the NXE on the other hand is truly the worst decision since the HD-DVD ...

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They raised the price?

Bad move.

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