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The only game it ruins is Gears 2. If Epic disabled the ghost cam it wouldn't be a problem.

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We'll be lucky if KZ2 is even in the top 10 next month.

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these are the official numbers. This is only for US though.

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Now if only they would fix the mp40

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So? MW2 won't be around for another 8 months or so. A ten dollar investment for something that will last another 8 months isn't bad.

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it's the generation gap. How many game series have you soon switch consoles mid-gen?

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...because nobody plays it on the 360?

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Great. Now even more people know that it's up for pirates to enjoy. Thanks for posting this wonderful story.

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You've got be to joking. Even if they were sent in to die they wouldn't be THAT stupid.

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Can anyone give me some recommendations on some good PSN games? I just got the system and don't know what to get first. Preferably with trophies.

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Do you know what they mean by "active?" They could just mean the person logged on with the recent week/month.

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I was talking about online games. I know that there are superior PS3 multi-plat games. But when it comes to games like CoD I enjoy playing online on my 360 more. Maybe its the controller, maybe it's because there are more people on it (I'm assuming this is the case).

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Ever think that might be referring to the PC.

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...or maybe they only have a 360.

I pay for XBL and don't mind. But I also have a PS3. And until the multi-plats start showing real advantage online on the PS3 (dedicated servers) I'll be playing on my 360. Not to mention all my friends are on XBL.

Edit: Does this account for multiple account users?

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They were probably hope this would introduce a new group of gamers to their JRPGs and thus get more sales on their multi-plats.

It would probably help if 2 out of the 3 exclusives hadn't flopped.

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They really shouldn't count bundled games. Sony could have bundled the worst game ever made with the PS2 and called it "the best selling game of all time."

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I thought the PS2 had problems when it came out. Besides, isn't the Wii supposed to be the fastest selling console of all time?

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Now imagine the sales if HDTVs were cheaper.

Also, I'm assuming that the 8 million PS3's is only for America? (I don't know the total PS3 sales for America).

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Weren't people saying the same thing about 360 games back at the beginning of 2008? I'll wait until Spring before judging if this year is really a failure for the 360.

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Since when was Assassin's Creed confirmed for 2009?

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