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Your numbers are still flawed when you don't have exact numbers.

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That's so true just as it is for not crapping on any devs at all..

Some take it to an extreme and it's sad.

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two flops I imagine your on about state of decay 2 and sea of thieves, you mite want to dig up how many are actually playing them now which is a lot.

To say they are flops is a huge fail itself.

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Yeah although I wouldn't like a wild west one.

I would say the hundred year war would be my favourite and world war settings.

But as mr_cheese says am sure they will all get covered at some point..

I would like a spartacus one most of all though, that would of been there best story for the next assassins creed in my eyes, especially if a good portion of the game was to be captured, be raised in a ludus, fight for freedom in the coll...

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He can focus on Xbox one version all he likes velvormelhor untill he adds multiplayer I personally would rather stick to elite dangerous.

It would be a bummer for you PlayStation guys if he delivers that on Xbox and doesn't on PlayStation, I would have a go at him on your behalf because that would be a stab at Sony and would be totally in call for..

A move like that would remind me of payday 2 on last gen and how for a year and half both PlayStation a...

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To be honest it looks ok but I find that the quick move feature to any planet is a bit bull sh!t. It's space exploration so earn your destination, I don't even know how devs could add such a feature to a space game it isn't star trek and beam me up scotty..

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Different to horizon test drive Is, test drive Is simulation like Forza motorsport and gran turismo.

Horizon is better than them all..

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Yeah Forza horizon 3 is in a league of its own in no1 spot..

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yeah Forza motorsport and horizon are two totally different games.

I don't get on with the motorsport version but horizon 3 I really love..

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Can't wait for the game it looks glorious..

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everything is compatible this gen on Xbox, it's not PlayStation you know..

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Personally I prefer pro evo games over fifa and glad they are sorting the licences out but still some names and team names to sort out but that never really bothered me..

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millions care about football games.

Anyone who calls it soccer, really does have the game wrong, especially when you put football in American football where 90% of the game is played with the ball in your hands..

Makes sense rite??

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Fanboy imagine if you actually put that much effort into thinking beyond exclusives or to be invested in your own damn platform.

I would imagine Sony mite be better in other areas than they are at just exclusives, because that is all that counts with you guys it seems..

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