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They're talking about stopping updates and shutting down the servers

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But Sony has a digital console out right now... Idk if you remember lol 😂

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It would be trivial for Xbox to support 3rd portable disk drives. Windows already does.

They're definitely not ditching physical next year in the middle of the generation 🤣

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What exactly leaked that you think should be detrimental to this deal?

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They're actually not allowed to buy Ubisoft. For 10 years at least lol

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Big W

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Or or get this. Xbox is a great platform that might not be for you but others enjoy it?

Like is it possible for you to fathom that others might enjoy things that you don't?

Why is it so hard for you Playstation fanboys to acknowledge that there's another platform out there that people enjoy?

I'm pretty sure I'm known as an Xbox fanboy on this website. Find me one comment I made where I called Playstation or any of their ...

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Gamepass didn't move much because 2022 was a terrible year content wise for Xbox. Phil mentions that in the same leak.

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I believe Phil Spencer over any of you 😂

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"Non existent salt" hahahahahahahahaja

Absolutely delusional

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Wrong. It was going to launch on Stadia and PC first. That's what they were referring to.


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It's simple.

They make much much more than that lol.

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@Advillain Baldurs Gate was the platform that it was gonna launch on first

Jesus Christ do I need to spell EVERYTHING out for you?

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No I'm not grasping at straws. You're wrong. The word you're thinking of is Second-rate not second run. Yikes.


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"Second run" means it launched on a different platform before coming to Xbox, it's it's second run.

It's not a comment on the quality of the game lol
You would expect videogame writers to know how to read this lingo.

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This gen overall. Xbox will have more blockbuster exclusives than Playstation.

Up until now it has been fairly even in number of blockbusters.

Starting from Playstation 5 launch up until now:

God of War Ragnarok
R&C Rift apart
Horizon Forbidden West
Spiderman 2

Xbox up until now

HiFi Rush

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They were talking about a midgen upgrade. This is just a redesign.

It's not a lie lol.

There's no midgen upgrade planned

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In those same leaks. It shows new Bethesda games that are coming out in the next few(2-3?) years.

New DOOM game.
Ghostwire Tokyo 2.
Dishonored 3.
Indiana Jones.

Project Kestrel
Project Platinum

And that's besides the remasters and DLC.

THAT'S JUST BETHESDA. If it was just those games in the next few years it would be a more than decent few years for Xbox. But that's just...

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