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The End.

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Big and empty is the same as small and empty.

Something you young ones have trouble learning.

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Honestly never thought I'd say this but...

It's got to a point where mobile gaming is on its way to getting better than console or PC gaming.

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DDR3 is faster at loading things into memory (streaming), GDDR5 is faster at using things in memory (once loaded).

What this means is that seamlessly loading bigger world's is better with DDR3 IF the world can not fit into memory all at once.

Otherwise GDDR5 is better.

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Hate to break it to you, but the same happens for many games on pc and consoles too.

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All I'm reading is "blah blah blah blah blah".

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Spiderman got locked in the Sony garden and grew into a mushroom.

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A long corridor with different textures that goes on forever has more content than anything.

Except it doesn't.

See what i did there?

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There's a million app store games better than NMS and they are free.

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PC gamers be like "i can run any game on my PC"

Everyone else be like "you spent 4000 on a top end machine that has no triple a titles, shoddy ports, shovelware, spyware, and emulation that stopped working 2 generations ago".

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Your two sentences are contradictory.

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Everybody has an opinion.

FF VII doesn't even make the top 500 for me.

Whilst i appreciate it was genre defining, i just don't enjoy jrpgs at all.

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Far Cry Arcade requires me to play it.

Which i won't be doing.

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Never said it looked garbage on other consoles.

You spouted fake news.

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