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A dude killed his self, it's not a big deal... Tons of people die every single day in far worse ways, death is the only thing is guaranteed in life and he chose to end his so I can not nor won't feel sorry for him.

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That's how I found out about Armored Core epicness.....

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And? I never understood why people complain about the DS4's battery life.... I mean do people really play for 4+ Hours in one sitting? Play for a hour or two, Put the controller on the charger and take a damn break. Smh

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Look again... it's says (PS4/X1) lmao

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Meh... I've seen better.

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GEZZUS MAN! That's a lot of digital games... I'm glad I like owning a physical copy, I just want enough room for downloading indie games, DLC and game install.

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Thanks, I'll look into it...

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Upgraded my PS4's HDD to 1TB.... Now I wish I went with a 1.5TB HDD.

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Lmao.... Yeah right! I would've even hook my PS4 up to a subpar HDTV, what makes you think I'll hook it up to a analog television?! What next watching Bluray on black & white tv? I'll pass... lol

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Short answer?! NO just no....

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And how is Rockstar suppose to answer you? This topic is barely connected to Rockstar... Do people even think anymore? Smh!


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The Truth! Most people i talk too game setups do not qualify them to even be talking about graphic resolutions.... Smh, Hell I stop talking to them about it, IF they don't even know TV/Monitor calibration is or if they haven't done it to their Setup for the simple fact they're not even getting the most out of their system.

The back of my couch six feet away from my Highend 60in, I lean forward when playing games so it's more like 5 feet and I'm surrounded...

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Yup, Preorder and pay them off as soon as possible.... Then all you gotta do is pick up your games and your pockets won't feel a thing that month. That's how I do it, besides it will be cheaper during the Black Friday sales in November. (Just a thought)

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Now I just need Morpheus.... #Epicness

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I'm never surprised with Microsoft throwing money at game developers to make their systems look more appealing... I'm just surprised Microsoft hasn't secured Call of Duty exclusively yet.

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COOL! I enjoyed playing both Transformers: War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, I be definitely will be playing this one.... I just hate it has anything to do with those crappy Bay movies! Smh

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Yeah it looks good and all.... But what most people really care about, Is there Lag online? Lol

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It's a direct sequel to Borderlands and prequel to Borderlands 2... It's telling the events of after the Vault opening and the rise of Handsome Jack.

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Not really big on all of Borderlands DLC.... It's gotta big and good for me to buy it, Like Tiny Tina or General Knoxx Good. I will most likely be hooked on Destiny, The Crew, The Division and N1Z1.

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Budget? I need no budget.... I need more money! Lol

I'm not worried about the DLC, I worried about the avalanche of games this coming this fall!

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