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No Wii U???

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This is the way.

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All Snake Eater needs is crouch walking and quick camo switch. Going in the menu to change camo everytime was a chore to me. (A camo wheel)

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I'd prefer a Guns of the Patriots remaster.

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PS1 iso version or Gamecube Twin Snake version?

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Just because no one buys XB in Japan doesn't make the data irrelevant.
No one cares. Until they care.

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Being able to buy used games saves money too.

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Where's the Series S footage?

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Forcing PS+ (if you want back ups) is lame.

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But we're still playing 95% of the same games.

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Notice how the OTHER next gen console isn't even mentioned.

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"There's a big difference between knowing you have work the next day vs the world went to s**t, and now you have to live in a mask, multiple businesses are closing, and you're going to be told 24/7 that loved ones are at risk"

Good thing The Sims doesn't have doctor or firefighter as occupations to remind them of what you wrote. Only a "mask" could do that/
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Lost Odyssee didn't sell. (while having a bigger install base)
So, why would XB gamers play it now? (smaller install base)
Blue Dragon

I guess, that's how GP came about. People not buying games.

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This comment will not age well.

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Movies? Explain.
(you think we won't have dedicated hw for 8k eventually)

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Wait. People play Sim games to escape reality?

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Who wants to be reminded that they have to go to work when they're simply playing a game?

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Things broke people say.
(aka pocket watchers)
Own > Rent

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Well, one of.

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His review should've started with "he also asserts that he has “found it increasingly difficult to focus on video games amid our current situation"

Or, get someone who's focus is on video games.

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