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So what about music, movies, and watching the news nowdays? That can cause people to be violent too... Nature itself is violent. Human history shows how violent we are. It will never change. Our own pathetic government cant even get along. So its not just from video games.

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Nazi zombies with out the Nazi flag? WTF!!! Why are people so F*cking soft now days.

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Was really hoping for Far Cry with dinosaurs but I guess that would be to much work

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Though the power of the scorpio is decent, I prefer having awesome games on my pro.

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This game has done nothing but piss me off since launch. Esp when having a good matched fight then all of a sudden "network error" what a mess. I like this game a lot and so does my gf but we gave up on trying to play this broken pos.

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I used to somewhat like Ubisoft until For Honor (fun game when it works)

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I could only imagine how many games they would sell if they announce they are gonna give the dlc for free to everyone who bought the base game.

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If xb1 could handle games at more than 25fps I would enjoy the console but so many games run like crap on it. I just made the switch to ps4 pro last week and started playing Horizon Zero Dawn and cant get enough of that game!

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Looks like its time for Call of Duty Ghosts 2.

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USA = F*cked with these two

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Bf1 plays amazing on pc. Idk bout consoles.

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We needed a game like this! Its amazing in everyway dude.

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Ive been playing BF1 maxed out at 1080p ultra settings on my 37" vizio at 80-120 fps. Now idk what 4k looks like but 1080p ultra is simply stunning.

At first my fps were dipping hard on multiplayer but after I turned dx12 off and put my geforce control panel to fast sync. Gameplay is beautiful and buttery smooth.

My specs are..
Cpu = i5 4460
Gpu= gtx 970
Ram= 8gb of gskill rip jawz
Mother board= as rock h97 anniver...

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Hopefully they add sprint to all the characters.

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I enjoyed skyrim on 360 but this is a lazy cash grab by bethesda. Dont get suckered into buying a broken 60 doller game... unless you like to spend money on lazy cash grabbing games such as skyrim remastered.

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Hopefully it goes similar to wolfenstein where theres multiple missions in different chapters.

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If they turn off the orange glow outline of enemy players in pvp then i may still get this game. If they want to make it easier to distinguish npc's make them glow orange.

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Yeah, same could be said about the presidential candidates too.

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Turn off the player glow!

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The beta is great but that player glowing orange is not needed. People should be able to tell who's a bot and who's not.

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