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Why are you still in my runescape server?

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one thing I don't like about sales figures is that it's assumed that because a consumer bought the product, they liked it.

I'm almost certain a lot of those sales come from the game having "resident evil" in the title.

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trust me guys, this is just going to be another cod clone. or, maybe not exactly a "clone" but a game catered to that crowd.

I went down this same road with the Socom franchise.

RIP socom

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I'm starting to notice a trend nowadays. Developers are turning their backs on their core fanbase to try and appeal to casuals, only to see the casuals go back to the new CoD by the end of the year.

It happened to my favorite multiplayer game "SOCOM"

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blockbuster has already gone bankrupt i thought? i thought netflix and xbox live put them out of business?

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would be pretty awesome if they did a spinoff game. Perhaps an online multiplayer game, from a first person perspective. It'd attract new fans to the pokemon world

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I was honestly hoping that they'd using the Black Ops 2 engine. It'd go perfect with the environment types and immersiveness required to playing a game of this caliber

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acually is dazzle is downloadable content, and social is cross game chat / in game messaging

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Black Ops 2 was hand down the best game of this console generation.

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I highly doubt the PSN will transfer to the next generashin of playstation gamer devices. They should focus more time on marketing, and also manufacturing first party console exclusives.

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I feel the xbox 360 is the most stable and superior console when it comes to multiplayer online network gaming, splitscreen local offline gaming, and single independent no internet required local gaming. But , this is my opinion, and opinions vary.

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Now, this is my opinion,
but I feel they should try to get in contact with Inifinity Ward/Treyarch, and get some tips on how to alter the AI. Because the AI in call of duty is just downright remarkable.

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This is ok I guess, but I prefer the Call of Duty engine over the far cry engine. The particle effects in call of duty are far more superior (in terms of when grenades explode), the leaves on the trees and all of the nature effects are very high definition and life like, and it just feels like you're looking through the window of a real life home, and watching a war go on. Call of duty if exceptional, and I am very thankful to be alive to enjoy the wonderful experiences infinity ward and ...

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I feel that Hideo kojima really outdid himself with this installment, great title. great campaign, great multiplayer, and grea ending to wrap up an exciting trilogy.

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Nowadays I keep getting let down when developers bring back older shooters. Everytime they announce it I get all excited, only to find out that they canned all of the core elements of the game, in exchange for call of duty type gameplay to appeal to a crowd that might by the game, but will be gone once the next CoD comes out.

It's happening to all of my favorite shooters and I hate it.

One game I've wanted to see come back is Timesplitters. However,...

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starhawk > starfox

the gameplay, multiplayer, campaign, and overall visually starhawk is a far better title than starfox. i agree with the author in some points, but the bluray that powers the ps3s graphical abilities really put starhawkon another level.

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dude wtf iz "fanboy rage"tht doent evn exst

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the price point and the fact that developing games for it was difficult (according to some devs), really made it hard for the ps3 to get going early on.

plus the online network was so immature back then. (the PSN has come a LONG way....)

There are many factors as to why the ps3 didn't "dominate". But they didn't give a good impression early on with that price point.

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I prefer Call of Duty, there's more variety.

And is this running on a playstation console? I noticed major screen tearing, framerate droppage, and negatative graphical externalities.....hmm......

/my opinion though

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will this be on last gen consoles like the WiiU?

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