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Insomniac has already said they own the ip and all they needed was a publisher for the 2nd game. Id imagine the first game will probably stay on Xbox though

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In all honest the psp was closer to the switch than the vita was. Most models of the psp could play most, if not all, games on the tv. If you had the go you could even use the dualshock 3 for your psp games.

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I get that point of view, but how are they expecting Xbox owners to know the story without referring to the internet. It doesn't make sense to Port it afterwards.

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It should have been included since it was an online only game and without it the player base is going to be split later on.

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"this is okay", Sony talking about gory violent games, but once tits come to view everyone there loses their minds in that company I guess.

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EA did allow a remake of bulletstorm as well. So I don't see it outside the realm of possibility.

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It's a popular game on all platforms and depending on your platform you can take you progress with you on a handheld pretty easily. That alone would make it very popular. That's not even counting the regular switch owners that would have downloaded it anyways.

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The article isn't saying there aren't any releases, but Sony has been reported as saying that they'll stop production on physical Vita games next year.

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Especially compared to the last mainline elder scrolls Skyrim cost $80 million from what I have found.

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In perspective Skyrim was supposedly $80 million. Kingdom come had half the budget and it was on consoles that cost more to develop asset wise. It makes perfect sense in that perspective.

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Probably just say I said there was one and then no one wanted to talk about it. Then use that as an excuse to sign some bs executive order against video games probably to create a rating system. He was clearly oblivious to the esrb last week.

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Enjoy prop hunt from time to time when it's available, makes me a bit if a nervous wreck, but it's a fun mode imo

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Dead space extraction and medal of Honor Frontline on PS3 are the only ones that come to mind

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Plus the extra ram might let them port down some of the new textures.

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It's only 720p 30 in handheld, docked is 1080p

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Must have learned their lesson from Titanfall 2

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Activision gave up that ip a while back, i'm not sure who owns it or even if someone does have exclusive rights to the game license.

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Yeah you and pandemic made a really great game. It's a shame about the latest though

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The dice la team is the name for the team that used to do all the medal of Honor games back in the day. After the last moh ea restructured the team and they started making battlefield dlc.

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They don't exactly have a great track record and the studios they have kept open aren't as good as they were before the purchase. Bioware, criterion, and Dice LA (the old medal of honor studio) say hello

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