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...comes from a total lack of respect and empathy, as well as a need to 'show off' their abuse of a hapless victim.
Absolutely nothing at all to do with games, and all to do with upbringing, and the human need to 'brag'. The internet now provides people of all kinds to show of their little clips of whatever they're doing, and idiots alike cant wait to show off their random bouts of stupidity.

So yeah, it's a different kind of emotion, linked with violence.
Are t...

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I'm saying it depends on the kid, if it's ok for him/her to play a certain game or watch a certain movie. And it's the parent's job to KNOW their kids and how they will react to it. Just as it is mainly the parent's responsibilty to teach them all the stuff I mentioned in my 1st post.

If you raise a good kid, with espect and values and the brain is working, then it wont harm a kid like that to play a videogame like GTA or Resident Evil 4 or whatever. It will KNOW it's just a ga...

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.... except there dont really seem to be many MUST-HAVE albums out... ;) It's all crap nowadays.

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... you just blatantly assumed Jack Thompson HAS BALLS!?!?

The dude is a braindead soccermom in disguise.

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... but I really hope you can carry hookers up onto a tall building, and throwing them off into an unsuspecting crowd, then wait till medics and bystanders come and take a look at the body, and throw a grenade on their heads. :D

Also, I can probably have fun all day long with sharpshooting unsuspecting civilians in different parts of the body, from 5 streets away :D

I always love sharpshooting in games. It's just a blast, and with the new Auphoria (yeah that's sp...

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...why is it that every 3rd rate 'artist' that makes a mediocre album with 10-12 bland, manufactured songs, thinks (s)he's entitled to receiving money for that for the rest of his/her life!?

You're supposed to be a 'singer'. Go out 2/3 nights a week, and sing for a living! You'll still make plenty more money than us 'normal' people with 'normal' jobs who work 40 hours a week to get through the month.

I really think that greed by the music-industry is literally si...

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... how illegal is it to tape a sports program from TV, or to tape a sing on a cassette that's playing on the radio?
Why would one downloaded mediocre song equal 1,5 MILLION dollars!? They're gone absolutely nuts. Which is pretty amazing considering what idiots they have always already been... :(

Ah well... luckily I still live in Holland where I can download whatever songs I like (legally). Not that I ever really listen to music, but very occasionally...
I wouldn...

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... cause if you have too many of those dumbasses, we'll get games that are censored, either by the publisher, or by a governing body :(

So sadly, it matters.

Personally, I am dead-against censorship in any shape, size or form...

The problem isnt 'the media' and/or games or whatever... it's parenting, and teaching kids the difference between right and wrong, real and fake, teaching them values and morals etc. And I guess too many parents arent doin...

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... I LOVED the style of Team Fortress 2, but this games seems a bit TOO simple and colorfull, style-wise.
We'll have to wait how it looks in motion, and how it plays etc.

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... as soon as it drops to 200 euro, and is bundled with Mario Galaxy.
Untill then, they can keep their Gamecube 1.5 (while there are hardly any Gamecube games being sold here (in Holland) anymore: smart(!)) to themselfs.

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...but TBH, my Cube isnt connected to the TV all that often. Usually my Xbox (original) is, and is getting ALOT of play (right now, I need to get it fixed, so the Cube is on)

So when the Cube IS on, I prefer to play some o the other games that I still have lying around and that I havent really played properly yet, like Resident Evil 4 (not even reached the first boos yet), as well as both Zelda games etc...
Plus I really gave F-Zero a LOT of time when I took the Cube to ...

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...here in Holland the sales-tax is 20%, while we already pay ALOT of income-tax, among other taxes (like local taxes, and extra high taxes in alcohol and cigs etc)

In America the income tax is WAY lower, and the sales tax is 10% MAX I believe in some states (while other states only have to pay 6-9% salestax.

Europeans are already screwed when it comes to handing over money.

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I have the game on the Cube, but hardly ever touched it.
Coincidentally I did play it 2 days orso ago for about 45 minutes against my girlfriend, but we were more button-mashing instead of anything else tbh. And as a single-player game it doesnt seem like much fun.

So... I know the game has MANY fans, but I'm still not really convinced about the game. I do like premise and all the great characters etc, but it's the gameplay that has me scratching my head a bit.

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... and dont care about spending way too much money on games, doesnt mean the rest of us likes it ;)

And yeah, gaming has always been expensive, also in the old days of SNES en Magedrive. But unlike then, there is now a WAYYYYYY bigger market for those games, so no reason anymore to have a huge price for must-have games in order to have enough funds to make games that might not make a return...

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First of all it's certainly unfair to the UK gamers, that the rest of Europe is paying less than they are, for the same games...

...and it's unfair that the European gamers themselfs are paying WAY more than US and Japanese costumers. Drake's Fortune is like 60 DOLLARS in the USA. That's less than 45 euro! Yet here in Holland it seels for 70-75 EURO! That's just wrong, and it will definately drive consumers towards a modded console once it's possible. And rightly so, cause the...

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The genesis/Megadrice controllers was perfect for fighters like Sf2 and Eternal Champions etc. Just a tad too small and light though. But button lay-out and d-pas wise, it was extremely good.

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As someone else mentioned, demos are free, but have no restricitions.

For these games you PAY MONEY, but they arent allowed to be as good as possible, due to the idiotic size limit. :(

Not sure if this game will be as good as I hope it will be (some sprites (Guile, Cammy) and the Vegas background looked pretty 'meh' to just downright 'BLAH!'.
Udon is underachieving, cause I know they have some great artists, but they're really skimping on the quality on s...

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...I have had the C64, the Amiga, the Megadrive, The SNES, the Dreamcast, Xbox, PC, Gamecube etc.

For me, the Xbox is my favourite console. Simply because it has the most games on it that I really thought were awesome, and in different genres as well.
It has nice SP shooters, M shooters, racing games, rpg's, action games, etc etc. It even has some nice platformers (although not enough and not as good as a Mario Galaxy)

It has Def Jam FFNY, which is certai...

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... cause this is how it's supposed to be done: 2 must-have games, plus 2 controllers.
Slightly disappointed that it arent the new rumbling controllers yet. :(

But yeah, nice deal, and hopefully some stores will bring the price down to about 400-450 euro.

I will still wait untill I can buy a PS3 for 300 bucks though. 300 euro is enough for a console.

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Ninja Gaiden Black was brilliant, and I have faith this will be even better :)

3 points:
1: I would love it if you could also have UNARMED combat in the game.

2: This game MUST be released uncensored! That's my biggest worry.

3: The DLC. I'm always very worried when developers are already bragging about how good the DLC will be, before the game is even out yet. It seems like they will leave cool stuff out on purpose, just so they can make so...

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