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Sigh.. Wish it was on PC

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dont get me wrong im getting the game for pc no matter what, but come one, they could have spent a little more work on the damage then damn cloud watching lol

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I have one problem with the game.. damage is terrible, can't crash into a tree and just have a scratch

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Hope my PC can max this game

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My PC Outperforms it spec for spec but wasn't $400 lol

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Wish it would be on PC too, would be awesome

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About time they did this!!! Only problem I have is that you are stuck with that player. Would be nice if it's the same thing but you create your own player like in NBA 2K SERIES

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Only thing I want is for career mode to be overhauled. I mostly play that and it's become boring for the last few years. If they can make it half as decent as like 2k NBA games then it would be awesome!!

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I wish it was available to PC :(

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Consoles are only good for exclusives and sports games. Everything else is #PCMASTERRACE

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KONAMI IS HIDEO KOJIMA!!!! Without him Konamis is nothing...

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Honestly I didnt really have the cash for it but My whole life I've had nothing but shitty video cards so I decided to be poor for a while to get something that I probably would never be able to afford so easily upfront.

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I'll just keep my 690

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havent played a DBZ game sind the first Budokai

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My TV plays all my files fine don't need the support on my console

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damn DVR is all I see

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I F#!%#$G hate blizzard

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so they need close to 2.5 mil copies to sell to break even...

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I would not be surprised if Microsoft starts charging a buck evey time you turn on the Xbone

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YEEESSSSSSSSSSS i recieved mine today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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