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The dream level looks terrible, all 42 secs of the no gameplay Lol.

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That Xbox game showcase was such a let down that I'm going into the PS5 camp this winter

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Thats going to be the price someone will spend on a regular PS5 if they sell out this Christmas

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Bring it on microsoft!

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First, Microsoft will only allow users to buy Xbox services for three
I would take 11 year of xbox live over psn any day of the week, better network (thats why sony has partner with Microsoft)
I would take 11 years of gamepass ultimate over anything sony has to offer, I wouldve have to really buy games anymore.

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Standard wasnt created on pc because is was too difficult to connect with other gamers back in 2001. If you were experienced, yes you could. Xbox Live made that very easy to do for any casual person who had a ethernet boardband connection. Online gaming was more of an underground thing until Xbox Live made it more popular.
Yes its free and still is but free doesn't mean better.

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Ouya didn't release next to Xbox 360 and PS3, the same year. This thing is going to fail hard.
Where are any games for this?
What does this do that the others don't?
Who will have another HDMI port to spare for this piece of crap?

Your a little cat who's going up against two lions.
Just keep delaying yourself and become a wonder like Duke Nukem Forever did, just don't release.

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Atari please you've delayed this so much, your going to release this next to PS5 and Xbox Series X. Wow, good strategy. That will totally sell.
Your pretty much bringing a unsharpen pencil to a console war gun fight.
Good Luck
Your off to a great STOP

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How is a melted ice cream sandwich (ps5) a work of art

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Goodjob the greatest network then and now for gamers to play with other gamers around the world. Xbox Live created the standard of online gameplay from Halo to Rainbow Six to Call of Duty.
Nothing comes close.

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With 110 million ps4 sales, yes
Compared to GTA5 sales in one day, yes
Compared to Halo game sales in one day, yes
Thats a low number
This was the same with God of War, and most other sony exclusives.
I bought Last of Us 2 and loved the game, sony wouldve have those game sales and increased subscribers to ps now if the game was on ps now day one. I own a playstation 4 and ps now is a wasted service. Even sony doesn't care about it, wonder why...

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Yeah, it makes no sense. Sony are the kings of copying a company choice or innovation to make their business more successful. Gamepass is a very smart move, hate it or not. That's like Netflix selling their original movies on blu Ray's and not putting it on their streaming service platform on day one. One big reason no one talks about PSNow what so ever.

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