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I own both consoles to but in all honesty they are pretty much the same. Ps4 is more clean but (for me) seems to always drop in frame rate like crazy. I haven't had that problem with my Xbox. It's like the graphics are that much better then the Xbox but I guess it comes down to games, I prefer ps4 in single player based games and Xbox for multi-player. So depends on the type of person you are and what you like and shouldn't really be a console war only between those that are dumb ...

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Even though I just played a couple of hours with a couple of friends it was fun. Loved the concept and the way the game plays. Reminds me a lot like gears whenever you go wall to wall and rolling away when you're about to get all messed up. Not a day one purchase for me since I can only see myself playing this games with friends but it has potential.

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Can anyone explain to me why Xbox one version just looks a lot foggier?? They look the same but just that fog bugs me on the Xbox one.

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I think this is great. If they start building a bridge more with PC then what games are not going to go to Xbox one? I think that's what they are going for.

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Frame-rate was a big problem at launch but about a month after launch I believe they had an update to fix it since then iv had no problem with frame-rate.

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Well lucky you because my ps4 is so dam loud the whole time I play a game with the fans trying to cool it down. Don't know why but can't even watch Netflix without the fans turning on.

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Ps4 is already slim enough. Plus having to figure a way for it to cool itself because it already over heats like crazy.

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Challenge accepted

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Beast mode kill streak!

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Just don't buy the game, simple as that. This game was a day one grab for me but ever since they announced "always online" I'm going to wait to see if they change it and I believe that many will do the same also.

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YES! I'm on my second run through. Trying to find everything I can! But this makes me beyond happy!

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I hate how you can't change the sensitivity, makes the game to slow (for me). Good game but just to slow for me

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One thing i really want to do with hololens is be able to just come home from school sit down on my chair and play starcraft on my floor. Relax and completely overtake my room with Zerg...

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Or make a fun game so they won't even think about such a thing...

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I really doubt it will have exos like AW. I don't think they would change production just because of what AW did

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Forgetting to press x to go down the ladder and just fall to your death...

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I don't mind the load time.... Let's me take some time and try not to completely throw my controller at the tv after losing 10k in blood echoes to a fucking pig....

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Same here!! I think ori and bloodborn are the leaders for game of the year right now! Both games are amazing!

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I think reviewers should have a sort of portfolio of the type of games they like. Such as if they don't like a the type of game like bloodborn but love racing games I don't think you would want to read the review. They are probably forced to play a game so they can earn money for it since its what people want to read about.

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I think what Microsoft will do with Windows 10 and being able to play Xbox games on pc will end up pushing Sony to do the same. Microsoft will be making double the money and probably now have a community of 25+ M customer between Xbox and pc or maybe more. Sony will do the same because I know a lot of PlayStation fans that own a pc will want to play their exclusives.

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