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Anyone who thought that demo wasn't possible on pc is an idiot...

That test was impressive because it's on a console at a price point below that of a pc with an RTX 2080.

Edit- technically we don't know the price but I guarantee it will be lower based on the fact that Sony and Microsoft can get cheaper per unit cost due to scale.

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I really enjoyed having kinect for voice commands, simple stuff like "Xbox turn the volume up 5" or "Xbox record that" worked great, thankfully you can connect your Alexa now but it's not as fast as it being integrated into the console unfortunately.

I hope we can get to the point where Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo all have a microphone in the controller for simple commands but I know alot of people don't like adding microphones to stuff and I complet...

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I would normally agree but publishers are putting fuck all on the discs... I installed fallout 76 from disc the other week and only 2.85gb came of the disc then it started downloading from the net.

This was on Xbox one X so maybe playstation is different but I doubt publishers would change something like that between platforms.

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Doubt it, we have seen the NX logo on games like sonic forces trailer but it didn't launch at the same time.

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This is gutting, seems like Mick wanted to take his time but the fact that the soundtrack was included in the CE meant he couldn't do that and id was in a tough position either face financial losses or put out something.

We know Mick likes to take his time with the soundtracks he does DOOM 2016's came out 4 months after the game.

They really should have discussed what having the soundtrack in the CE meant with Mick Gordon before committing to it o...

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Good choice for a streamed game, no fast paced action, not really affected by input delay and the art style will hide any resolution changes.

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i did want to play inquisitor but other than that its pretty bad for me.

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I like Phil and I understand Sony and Microsoft are in full PR marketing mode but for this one? I'll believe it when I see it, it's not that Microsoft isn't capable of making killer games it's they just jumped on the AAA publisher band wagon seeing how churned out sequels, dlc and microtransactions where making 3rd parties a shit tonne of money and they wanted in.

Forgetting that they had to sell a console in the progress I mean the fact peter Moore went on ...

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Turns out this is for Xbox and pc too it's bandai's offer not Sony's

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media is usually anti anywhere else on the planet in the uk, Not out of patriotism though alot of our mainstream media are just incredibly racist.

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I loved every interaction with Vaas and the follow up antagonists never lived up to him so if this is true I'll probably give it a go as long as they don't do what they did in FC3 again...

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Cheers, I wish Xbox and Nintendo would do something like this. I've already played uncharted 1,2,3 and journey back on PS3 but I'm glad to have the PS4 versions for free too and I haven't had a go of pacman championship edition 2 yet I played the first on xb360 I think and had a good time so I'm hoping this is as good or better.

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It's gonna be an awesome generation for gaming PS5 and XSX both look like great consoles, I can't wait to see what kind of games we get.

I'm hoping Nintendo bring out that rumoured switch pro and I'll have 3 incredible consoles, I really can't wait. Hopefully Sony and Microsoft have as good of a start as Nintendo did in 2017 I know Microsoft has halo at launch but 5 was pretty shit so my hopes aren't high and Sony hasn't said anything about launc...

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That's wild $400m for 5%... I know mobile gaming is huge in china but wow.

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Such a fun game, I really enjoyed what I played of it in alpha/beta whatever it was. Can't wait for the full release.

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But we are asking for it and when I say partnership I mean allowing a headset not made by Microsoft to be used on Xbox series x if they can't be arsed to make their own.

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VR is awesome and I think Microsoft are doing their fans a disservice by not even offering a cheap but functional VR headset like psvr.

I know Microsoft can be incredibly stupid but I just can't make myself believe they don't have plans for partnering with an already available headset or even making their own in 3-4 years.

Unless they are just admitting defeat to oculus cause let's be honest the quest is amazing value it's cheaper and bett...

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Oh don't worry we would still be getting a new cod after the heat death of the universe.

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Yeah but they were glitches they can be fixed without changing the game, the things I mentioned are actually supposed to be part of the game.

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