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But Sony has done this in the past and it wasn't hailed as the 2nd coming.

Its a bullet point at best.

Give me new games, exclusive games to warrant my purchase.

Why would I want to play PS4 titles when I have new PS5 titles to play?

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Of course it is, and you don't have to agree with all of it to enjoy it.

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Yep - they've become what they hate most - the irony is astounding.

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Just like xbox one was? More expensive at launch, paltry support through the last 7yrs.

ms are just not a good bet when it comes consoles.

They've proven that time and time again.

Maybe it will be different this time (it won't) because in their words "we're stil learning".

Worlds richest company and they don't have a clue - yep I'll back them pfft.

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Yeah - I'll do what I normally do - buy a PlayStation then realise there's no need to buy an xbox and live happily ever after.

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No time like the present - I reckon you'd get a decent trade in on your PS4.

And ms is going to support xbox one for another 2 yrs, no need to buy their new console.

Off you go young soldier.

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But that story would that be enough for you to not recommend the game?

I can't see how a few parts that people don't like erodes all the positives of the game.

I think people are overreacting.

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That's the catalyst for the story going forward. Joel had his day in the sun, he was a courier tasked with delivering a package.

Job done, move on.

The game is fantastic, it deserves to be played - not watched.

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The Korean guy with 900 subs? Pathetic.

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Its not an insult, its just not correct. I wonder what xbox ones swansong will be.

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That was a shit attempt mate haha - I'm sure it sounded good in your head.

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DOM - Like Resi 1 and Resi 2, you can PlayStation for all these fantastic games people want to play.

Where did most of them get their start? If you said PlayStation to are correct.

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And you know that how?

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Geehoneys3 - No - the general consesus is the game is awazing.

How does a vocal minority become the voice of a fan base.

Those that have 'played' the game - loved it.

Of course there'll be a few things people might not like, but so what.

Seems all the haters wanted a certain game that ND was NEVER going to deliver. It has been stated many times which direction the game was going in.


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That's the disconnect - nothing deserves a 0 out of 10.

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I've taken over 3 gigs of photos, the details are insane. Even my mate who is on the hate train is blown away.

I keep telling him he'll kick himself in a few years for not playing it.

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Spot on.

The TV show will explore other stories.

Joel was a courier, nothing more. Yes he and Ellie had developed a bond, but he had a job to do and that's it.

That's where half the hate is coming from - mature 'adults' whining about a fictional character.

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