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There is nothing here, we haven't seen already and words hurtz in my head,..

So if anyone reads it and finds anything new,.. please do tell,..

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AHAHAGH!!! great joke bro!!
omg that was fucking hilarious,..

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In terms of stupid GOTY Awards ?,..

Yes, because it was released so early in the year,..less hype and shit,..

In terms of an ULTIMATE GAME, gameplay , creativity and stupid fun,.. no way,.. We will probably need to wait for Playstation 4 and LBP3.

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lol,.. Aren't there filters on this site and shit,..

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Yes GT5,.. It looks real,..

Don't know what the fuck is wrong with the people, that shit on GT5 graphics,..

To me personally, it is the best looking game ever made,..
It looks so real, it is stupid,.. reality, but cleaner :)

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Totally agree with you! Those games you have listed, went without hype and are really great,.. MAG is fucking awesome! (I will probably not event touch another online shooter, till SOCOM,.. Maybe will try BC3)

But those games "Unsung Heroes" - lol :), were some of the best games this year(some dancing one not so much - but I've heard it is fun),

But to say they were not hyped, is just stupid. GOD OF WAR? GRAN TURISMO - this one is especially fun...

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yes maybe, it is far from perfect,..
but Kinect doesn't work at all

Wii has capability of doing core games,..

You tell me how do you imagine RESI4, Zelda:Twilight princes, Deadly creatures,... well just about any normal fucking game work with kinect ,..

You cannot,. because it is the a ir-depth 30 fps eye-toy,.. It should be 50usd to make it ok I guess for depth eye-toy games,..
. <...

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Now find me a core gaming applicability for kinect on the level of basic wiimote+nunchack,...(LIKE REAL GAMES(like Zelda,RESI4) - not brick braking and catching balls or fitnes games)

And I will get interested,.. But you know you can't because it is a MS POS,..

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actually it was not gamespot guy,.. that would be even worse,..

But looks pretty cool

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He dresses into a girl, then hits on people in Home and jacks off when he gets pictures of naked dudes,..im sure his ass was wet also.

ps_girl 69? lol
seriously ,.. you can just say you like it on all holes,..

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Well you really need to be a rich parent, to buy this for your 4-7 year old.
Plus why the hell would you but 360 now, anyway? Makes no goddamn sense,..

If you are rich enough to buy him 150 usd Kinect, you are probably rich enough, to get far superior gaming system instead,..

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''this has been the slowest week of my life man''

lol true :)

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Game is fun.

down @jazzking2001

well you get a free month,.. and if you think about it,..you can experience a lot of game, if you really play it like mmo guys in a month,..
sometimes I've bought 8-10 hour games, and had less fun then with this,..

first you don't need to play/pay every month, if you don't like it return it,.. If you get hooked and think it is worth it for next month,.. you pay,.. or skip a month,..

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Poor kid,..

I am sure his heart is broken and wanted some more,.. I know I would be on her 16 times a day, especially at that age.

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Undercover XBOT? lol

3 posts down
Shadows!! finally,..
Cannot wait for the game.

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I played it on pc a while back. You forget about poly-count within 2 minutes and take it as an art style,.. You know what I mean?

Gameplay is still crazy fun,.. Game is just great overall, so people who missed it, definitely get it. It is worth every penny. Great game!
I think I will get it for console, when I have some spare cash, because the last time I've played it I did not have a time or something and maybe played 20 percent in.

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looks interesting,..

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reach has better graphics than resistance 2?
What the hell games are you playing ,..? no fucking way,..Halo:Reach does not hold a candle to resistance 2 graphically ,..lol
I don't want to star some shit,.. I love both games, but seriously
EDIT: o sorry did not get what you wrote,..

Yes It would be nice, if new Halo looks better then resistance 2,

but then again I am kind of used to ...

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Microsoft moneyz,..

I cannot believe you guys still visit that bias-shitty site,.. You never listened their editorial podcasts, have you?,..

@PlayerX -down/ what the fuck are you talking about?
To the large degree that is true in American media especially,.. Ms has some serious leverage and footing in opinion makers, be it direct or indirect in US,..

Ce ya cannot reply anymore (1bubble),.. gimme bubbles,..
I hate when people...

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You can find it everywhere,..
It is a total crap,.. I will just leave it at that,..

Sorry if I offended someone ,.. guys Shitcockfuck,.. Warhawk ,.. other thread now !!!

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