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The title clearly says Hardcore, so Carn is correct. Rob played Softcore.

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Wudijo hit 100 solo HC today also. Not first to 100, but first solo.

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This dude basically paying 25-30% child support to Nintendo for the rest of his life. :P

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In the US military, we like to use DD/MMM/YYYY (ex. 06SEP2023); or YYYY/MM/DD (20230906). I prefer to always use the former, as there is zero confusion.

I do agree that our date format of MM/DD/YYYY is just ridiculous and easily confusing.

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Just bring back Marvel Heroes.

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Undecember seems like a decent Diablo clone. Unfortunately, it will probably be plagued with a P2W cash shop.

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And we wonder why devs/pubs like Blizzard (Diablo: Immortal), XD (Torchlight: Infinite), and Perfect World (Tower of Fantasy) went the Gatcha route. As much as we HATE this predatory monetization system, we are honestly just a minority opposed to the system.

$3.7 billion in two years is insane, and that kind of potential revenue is hard to ignore if you are one of these companies.

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If you have Game Pass, they tell you on the front page which games are leaving soon and the date. Only those who don’t have GP rely on websites for that info.

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Chinese publisher + mobile devices?

Nope! Next!

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Definitely a good deal. However, for those interested in BL3, it does not come with the Season 2 Pass (that's the Ultimate Edition). Not saying anyone is missing much, but just to clarify.

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They are nerfing light attack weaving and minimizing the gap between new players and experienced players. I guess this makes the game more “accessible”, but consequently lowers the player skill cap. There can be a substantial dps delta between a new lvl 50 just learning their class and someone with 1000s of hours of perfecting the art of weaving. As much as I personally suck at weaving, this is a stupid change…. punishing the experienced by babying the new.

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Just play Path of Exile and Grim Dawn.

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Holy... crap ... that looks bad.

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“Reviewed on PC”

No stuttering issues. Hell yeah! Can’t wait!

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Mines around 2nd quarter 2022. Which is fine considering I’ll see plenty of reviews prior to pulling the trigger. Definitely looking forward to it though.

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Spec Ops: The Line Ending

I won’t lie, I was so surprised when my guy committed suicide at the end. Not saying they went too far. This article just made me remember being in a little shock seeing the credits role after he did it. Fuck up ending to a fucked up story. Must play!

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I''m hardly ever playing multiplayer games on my PS5, and the PS+ subscription is STILL worth it because of monthly free games like this!

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Definitely missing Path of Exile on this list.

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Spawn... he's way overdue.

edit: technically not a hero, nor is he in other games to meet the topic's intent.... still, just saying he's way overdue...

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Bought a 48" LG OLED C1 4k/120hz ($1399) for my PC/console monitor. It replaced an Acer x34, and I haven't missed it one bit.

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