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Clearly shows fans are nuts. Company fails to show up and the sheep follow.

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Well yea they are a real computer company. When they first saved your info they were smart enough think ahead DB wise just like Microsoft who has had that ability forever. Its little things like this where you see differences in companies and how they create their products.

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Sim games are all the same to me. You get basically the same tracks . Not fun at all to race online in sim games the gamers who tend to like sim whine and cry if you happen to bump them at all or you take short cuts over certain areas. I do not crash anyone intentionally but your damn right if I can use them to help take a corner a little quicker or passing them I will. I prefer arcade racing it is just way more exciting and fun to me and the community in arcade racing has always seemed more...

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Game streaming has connection pings and speeds have not worldwide.

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Streaming in general is not going to be the best experience. I will stick with the data on my HD playing at 4k.

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good riddance. Hate MP in SP games. Spend the time to make the story that much better IMO.

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Its possible the cheaper next gen Xbox Sku is less powerful. The Premium tier Sku next gen Xbox power wise will dwarf anything Sony offers.

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No they are talking about much bigger companies not smaller companies like Sony.

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Google has the money to go head to head with Microsoft.

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I dont play my switch that often since BOTW. But its the best handheld console of all time.

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Its E3 the biggest show of the year. Id be pissed if my favorite gaming company failed to show up and show me what they have cooking.

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Shows some fans are sheep. Company ignores them and they still claim victory.

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Glad you like a company ignoring you.

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Yep, its sad when one of the top 3 fail to show up for their fans, Inexcusable. Kudos to the companies who showed up and showed off their games and tech. These companies should be lauded and those who failed to show should be held accountable by their fans.

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Better than Sony who ignored its fans and failed to even show up.

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To funny sure seems like fans have written a lot of articles saying Sony made right move to skip. If this were true these articles would not exist. No one would have noticed.

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Microsoft #1`
Nintendo #2
Sony last place no show disrespected their fans.

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I buy both why miss out on any good games. Racing fans alone would miss the best racing games without the Xbox. If I chose not to buy a Sony console I would miss out on Naughty Dog games. NAughty Dog is the main reason I buy a sony console anymore.

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Correct. but if the attach rate is higher on lesser selling console it can make more money.
Console 1 sells 100 million with an attach rate of 1.
Console 2 sells 50 millions with an attach rate of 3.

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