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Best racing game just keeps getting better. I do not even play my other racing games anymore its FH4 in glorious 4k 60fps on my pc Max settings.

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Yet, I find you the to be the issue. complaining about microtransactions you do not need to buy is just plain silly and a waste of your and my time.

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Im the problem. I support a company who releases games I enjoy. if you do not like them Do not buy their games. Easy as that.

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EA keep making money ignore the haters. Those people complain to complain its what the USA does best now. Whine and complain about everything small and big. Looking forward to Madden in a few weeks. Than you can hear people whine and complain it has not changed enough or that you own console rights to football. Its always something these days with the whiners and complainers.

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How can the PS5 which has been confirmed to be less powerful be for hardcore gamers. Gamers know the XBox X is the hardcore gamer console this gen.

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Makes sense. One is a new game the other is a game most gamers have bought multiple times already.

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4k Nice for the X. This game will be like witcher 3 for me. PC than after I beat it there will move to xbox and beat it there.

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Horizon Chase is a good game. Rather watch paint dry then play a Soccer game.

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You can follow me now to. Im ignoring you like Sony did with E3 and its fans.

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LOL, Lack of caring for their fans. Skipping the biggest show of the year.

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ID wait. Any of the blockbuster games you know they will wink wink call it remastered on the PS5 and XBox 2 and it will prolly be slighly better.

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XBox you have the age of the given gamer when they sign up. Keep the those under 18 in one cat and then let adults choose if they want to play with those gamers. If they do not then their is no need to monitor these gamers. Me and my friends swear try to disgust one another it is not Politcally Correct and I love it. I grew up before this era of whine, complain and protest. I enjoy crude humor. Could you imagine the outrage if movies like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison were to be released toda...

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Hope this game is like Grid 2 and not autosport.

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Dominant maybe, but Xbox will do better at launch compared to the X1 release. To me it does not matter XBox will be my primary console and PS5 will be a secondary console for their exclusives only. More friends play on XBOX, better controller and i prefer the XBox OS integrated online services compared to the way sony makes online seem seperate.

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Great news for Xbox Gamers. Microsoft needs to find their own Naughty Dog that developer is great .

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Not for me. I never take my switch out of dock.

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it does in my household as well.

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Like I said both promotes the gamer to improve their profile. Who knows if Sony had thought of it first and had it implemented at launch maybe I would like it more. But by the time they got around to adding their system I had played 10 or more games that they never added trophys for(Dissapointing) and then had months of gamerscore already build up. By that point Microsoft had me hooked. I still play first party games on PS4 but anything multiplat is xbox improve score and use my favorite con...

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I find Score to be best way. You get more score for playing on harder levels and then those that like to play more games at easier levels also get rewarded. Microsoft should just have let Sony copy that system instead of copying the system but using trophys instead of score. I never got into the Trophy system mainly because the PS3 did not launch with it and the games did not have the trophy implementation. I find the systems in general to encourage you to game on one system over the other ...

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