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Keanu got the better game. Cyberpunk is going to be awesome. Im sure death stranding will be a good game but I have way more faith in Cd Project Red. W3 top 5 game of all time.

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Good to know since thats the card I have. And the games paid for with game pass sub even better.

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The difference between Sony and Microsoft is Sony has Naughty Dog. The other exclusives for each device are about same quality to me. You get better 3rd person on Sony and better racing on Microsoft.

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This whole gen has been unimpressive in general. The best game was GTA 5 and it was released last gen.

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If only all of us could make such bad decisions how much is microsoft stock stock again?

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Good thing Microsoft unlike Sony and Nintendo makes a bazzillion dollars on other things they do not depend on their gaming division to keep the doors open.

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I must suck then. Im over 100 hours into it and still have issues killing the second tier of monsters.

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So because Monster Hunter stepped up its game and turned away from sprites and just shyt graphics it left hardcore fans behind?

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Im hoping it plays like Grid 2 that game was so much fun. At least Grid if it is Sim is offering something new to sim racing. I hated getting a new racing game and already knowing the courses every turn since the recycled tracks were in every sim racing game.

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I own a ps4 but I will wait for it to come out on other consoles.

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So sick of this Overboard Political Correct nonsense. You cant even joke with a friend anymore without someone within ear distance crying about what you are talking about. If you do not like what is being said or shown turn the channel stop listening. BUT STOP RUINING THINGS FOR OTHERS CAUSE YOU DO NOT LIKE IT.
IM offended whenever I see Homosexual content or even worse Trans stuff in TV. But If people want to see or hear that garbage they have the right to, I just turn the channe...

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And another win for the whiny the little thin skinned haters of the world.

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PlayStation has never been for hardcore gamers. It was for everyone. What drive sales was price point.

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I hope you take pride in whatever you do for living. The response you gave makes you sound young or you have a job that you hate. Either way you should find something that makes you enjoy to do for a living. And No I do not work for EA.

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Totally correct. As a developer myself You put your heart into a project and when its reception is negative its to easy to get caught up in your own emotions when making responses. Also you generally only hear from negative responses the positive ones are using your project and are enjoying it.

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I doubt it matter much most of the install base use the switch as a secondary console or one to go places with.

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I love Monster Hunter World, but the handheld version of Monster Hunter looked so bad had I no interest in playing them, but to be honest I do not like hand held gaming very much to begin with.

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It was hella repetitive but it was still fun.

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Assassins Creed Odyssey was GOTY. Spiderman was fun, GOW just bored me and Red Dead 2 was just so slow.

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For me it was screwing me over time and time again when their only real positive was being Hella Convenient location wise. But even that was ruined by their greed.

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