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@Segata, those listed sucked except for onrush which was more car battle than arcade racing.

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Loved Payback looking forward to next N4S. Been playing this series since the OG entry on the 3DO and then PSX.

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Yep, Its all under Microsoft Operating System.

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This years madden plays so much better then previous iterations. Its very fluid the animations do not interrupt game play. I am really enjoying this game this year.

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Odd Im playing Madden as we speak online now.

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I had no issue last night playing Madden online. XBOX King for Madden online.

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Not really sure what to do about it. Gun crazies will have a heart attack when you talk gun control.

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Speaking of Sony. Their streaming services are awful. I cant believe they do not even stream over your local network to your pc from ps4 at 4k.

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I think the price is to high to be honest for the mini system. I prolly will get it since I collect that stuff and its omission in my collection would be startling. I still have my OG system somewhere in the house.

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Good job EA. Im really enjoying Madden 20. Thank you for the games.

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Gaming is much bigger now than it was when the PSX came out. Gamers used to be good peeps but man has that changed now every tom dick and harriet play them and have ruined the industry much like the internet was better before those idiots took it over with selfie sticks and social media. Id gladly go back to telnet into the internet if it meant no more social media.

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No way they left off Bonk. That was their like Mascot game for sure.

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Indeed, Long Live the King.

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I love the Xbox controller not a lot to fix IMO. Maybe some durability issues but that would be all. Its the best controller I have used and I have been gaming since the late 70s.

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Just no talking dolphins this time.

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I basically opposite i tend to buy Digital on release and then pick up Physical in cheap sales. I tired of the clutter so i tend to steer more towards digital now.

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Also Keanu is perfect for Cyberpunk I was just waiting for him to upload data to his head Johnny Nemonic style.

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You do realize Death Stranding is not Metal Gear Solid. I loved metal gear but by the time they got to 4 it was getting stale and 5 was just not enjoyable at all.

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No way. HDR is in no way more impactfulll than 4k. HDR is like mood lighting and 4k is a whole new world.

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He means if you want to play Naught Dog games. Not really impressed with their other studios.

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