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Xbox X , gears 5 and best place short of a great gaming computer for all multiplats.

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LOL, do not think so.

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I was forced to get it from EPIC as well. Forced as in I was not going to wait months to play it.

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You will always find people with alt opinions. I was not a big fan of TLOU. It was a well finished game, but it just bored me to no end. Some times good or even great games do not hit the right chord with everyone.

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Activision yes. Not sure what 2k has ever done.

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@Brave_Losers_Unite, Im sure they laugh at some of the games you like and buy.

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Narrow roads, incapable of driving off road. backgrounds all prerendered. HMMM, It might look nice but it plays like shyt.

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IM pretty sure they know about it was mentioned a fix in the patch. Its something to do with USB plugs having to be removed before starting for some gamers. Its odd I can leave my 2 hard drives plugged in but the headset needs to be unplugged.

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Fun game just wish the startup bug was fixed by now. I have to unplug A50 from console when wreckfest boots up or it will just go back to the home Screen.

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Yea who wants the security of working for one of the biggest companies in the world.

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BOOOO, Love how you blame EA for a developers mistakes.,

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So did that other awful PS racing game Driveclub. that was rubbish too.

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Forza owns the racing game scene in my area as far as video games go.

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That would be Forza.

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thats my opinion on Sony.

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He retired in my franchise mode after the first season same with Brees.

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No way. I think some of you with EA hatred need to read up on why studious closed.

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Could always be worse it could have been Activision(The Destroyer of game Franchises)

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Wow, I thought 2k was clumsy and had unrealistic player models. all the players looked like they were 7 footers. 2k is great at basketball but was not very good with Football.

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