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Diff team made the xbox version. Yea it was bad in comparison. I went with 3 cause I played it more than 4 though if I remember correctly 4 was like a remastered version of 3 with more stuff.

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AR is pretty sweet. Loved the Microsoft Holo Lens when i tried it. Im not sure though if i will ever like wearing something over my head for gaming be it VR or AR.

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My Personal list in order
1.Burnout Revenge(Xbox360)
2. Forza Horizon 4(X1)
3. Forza Horizon 3(X1)
4. Need for Speed hot Pursuit2 (PS2)
5. CruisnWorld(N64)
6. Project Gotham Racing 3(Xbox360)
7. RalliSport Challenge 2(Xbox360)
8. Crusin USA(N64)
9. Rage Racer(PSX)
10. Dirt 2(Xbox360)
Special shout out to Need for Speed the Run, I still play that now and then love the cannonball style of racing b...

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@sampsonon Except Genius(Intended Irony) not all the tracks were race tracks. And No feeling like the game is on rails does not mean its a race track either. DC was a subpar racing game. I really enjoyed the invisible barriers when you drove on the burm too. Forza was such a better game but that does not need to be said its why the studio is still making games and the other was FIRED. I get it though its not like on the PS4 their is a great arcade first party racing game. So you do not kno...

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Just think if DC did not have prerendered backgrounds and the narrowest roads of any game i had played in a long time and it felt like it was on rails. DC was subpar and it cost the studio their jobs.

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LOL, the sony OS if for non tech people much like apple products.

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@kellyanne85, that cause Sony hardly updates their stuff Microsoft constantly is trying to improve their OS.

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Would love to see a PC port of this game Forza 3 and 4 are just gorgeous on XBOX but Jaw dropping on PC.

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Its a SP game. Their are far better options of games to play if you want to play MP.

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I did it buy it. One of the few games that made me turn on my Pro. I just enjoy gaming more on other platforms.

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I bet they would have been happier if it was more.

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Would love to see it and it would greatly improve sales.

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@Jin_Sakai, PS4 is irrelevant in my household. Im, not sure when the last time it was even powered on.

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@King_Noctis, I really enjoyed N4S Payback I finished it on PC and Xbox. I enjoyed Mass Effect Andromeda, I enjoyed this year Madden a lot. I have never bought a Micro-transaction nor will I, if I see it takes real world money I just pass it over. Not sure why you hate Madden it was the NFL decision to only license their product to one place per market. The Need for Speed hate last year was unwarranted I never bought any micro-transactions and was able to easily finish the game with no iss...

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2 Rules on N4G Never say anything positive about EA and good god if you say anything bad about Sony or their games your thread will be marked innapropriate quickly or even get banned for a time period. These are like unwritten rules you never speak of sorta like Fight Club. I grew up on EA games from Madden to Need for Speed to me they are a classic gaming company.

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That would be awesome. I loved the Mafia series. 2 was prolly may favorite but 3 was really good just got bad pub from Haterz.

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