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They are awesome to me. Love their games.

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I think what you are saying is those who did the grind for the weapons are upset that others can skip it with money.

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So its cool to have the guy who has tons of time to grind and get his gear to have a clear advantage over the guy who is not as good but wants the same weapon that clearly is better than starting weapons. I have no problem with someone spending their cash to save time on grinding. You still should own the guy you earned that weapon and the skill it took to get it the other guy does not have that skill. Like I said before get over yourself and enjoy the game get the weapon you wan how you want...

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I do not buy these things. However I know sucking at FPS games like I do it would have been nice to be able to purchase some weapons with cash as compared to grind for them. Gives players a way to compensate for stinking and having to suffer for the gun you want that matches your play style. If that upsets others cause they earned it get over yourself and be happy you could get a weapon thru skill and save your cash.
Not sure if this is what they are talking about but the whole argu...

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Actually Steam takes less of a cut then Physical retailers do on games.

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@Si-Fly, Actually my Monitor back then was only an Asus 1440p gaming monitor. So when I played it on the Xbox X I think it was 4k by then.

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Witcher 3 was amazing. over hundred hours on PC and then another hundred on X1. Just a great game.

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My PS game of this generation would be Horizon Zero Dawn

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I love my A50s

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@antz1104, You are whats wrong with society in general today. You do not like something and either are unable to understand other like things you do not or are just so selfish that you need to ruin things for others. Its cool if you do not like it but YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM OTHERS. So sick of this crap not sure when people have become so entitled.

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I will enjoy the game.
They made a game specifically for you too.

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That is their choice. You need to worry about yourself and let others make their own decisions what they do or do not do with their money. Push your Agendas some where else please.

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Its nice when that market is the by far the Biggest Gaming Market though. Im in the US and my area is big on xbox and then we buy PS for their exclusives.

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Can we all say AWESOME.

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Nope, gonna buy first week. I guess II have the superhuman ability to not buy any of these items. Feel sorry for you who cant not play a game and not buy monetized items.

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Im sure they have a complete duplicate enviroment for testing. Shit still gets thru at times.

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Best Racing Series out there today. Keep bringing in more good assets. :)

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Is that service stlll a streaming service. Those gaming streaming services are garbage.

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Of last gen GTA games I liked it the best but most of my friends say they liked San Andreas the most.

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